Can we say “bitter, angry Canucks fan”?

From here:

Even before the horn at GM Place officially ended the Canucks’ season Tuesday night, a dejected fan placed Roberto Luongo for sale on Craigslist:

“Sulking, belligerent and grossly over-rated goaltender who can’t stop a beach ball, seeks new gig,” reads the notice posted at 8:47 p.m., as Game 6 in the NHL playoff second-round series wound down to a painful end.

The “job wanted” ad was posted with the headline “Goalie will play for pasta, hair gel and $7.5 million,” and left no doubt about who this fan blamed for the Canucks’ performance Tuesday.

“I promise to be the same self-absorbed bad team guy I have always been. Pay me my $7.5 M annual salary no matter how bad I play,” it read.

“I will be golfing tomorrow and every day for quite some time.

“You can still reach me on my hotline: Louie 1-555-SUCK.”


Hey, I dont’ really care about the Canucks. As long as we’re all in a agreement that BobbyLou did a better job than Chubby Marty at the Olympics and we can partially thank him for bragging rights for the next four years, I’m a happy person.

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3 Responses to Can we say “bitter, angry Canucks fan”?

  1. Number31 says:

    Damn. I was hoping someone put Versteeg or Byfuglien on Craigslist.

  2. Shan says:

    Just goes to show how quickly one can go from prince to pauper. Whatever, no goalie can be great all the time, that’s why it’s such a tough position. But Lu is big and will find his rhythm again.

    But this guy is obviously bitter. There are always these weird stupid fans who pick out one player to be the object of their hate, especially if that player is otherwise popular. Like Koivu haters or Thornton haters…

  3. Number31 – Would’ve been nicer if it was Toews so I could steal him and give him to the Habs :(

    Shan – I really missed out on a most of the Canucks/Hawks series (hello Abbotsford and your ridiculous time zone), but from the bit I saw, I’m not sure how all the blame can be put on Lou. Meh. Some people are just really bitter. Dude needs to have some chocolate milk or something…. =p

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