Thanks for nothing, Wolves….

  1. I quit saying who’d I’d rather the Hammies play because it’s always the other team…. :| I hope the Wolves join the Amerks on the golf  course and get sun burnt. Sheesh.
  2. Remember when it was cool to cheer for Jamie Benn at the WJC? Just like when it was cool to cheer for Evander Kane (and Luke Schenn and and etc)? Yeah, well, hell with that…. GO AWAY JAMIE BENN….(speaking of Evander Kane and the WC going on in Germany.. DUNCE HATS FOR EVERYONE ON TEAM CANADA. Spoiled Canadian can be grumpy about the 4-1 loss to Switzerland, yes).
  3. Just case you were still on cloud nine after the Hammies beat the Heat…. “They kicked our ass 5-0 the last time we played them. It was our worst game of the year,” said Guy Boucher of the Stars. “Obviously we have some bad memories so we’re going to have to chase those memories and make sure we’re in the right frame of mind.” (from here) Thanks, Coach, you just totally shot down my happy cloud…..
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