oh right… there are other teams playing too :D

Well, first off, the Habs seem to really like me not blogging about them. As you can see, they’ve been winning games and making a certain guy with a wannabeard kinda cranky (or maybe someone just put a pea under his mattress). Anyway, despite the lack of squealing, screaming, pounding, kicking and headdesking, I have been watching them. Five things I like about the playoffs so far:

  1. Chocolate Milk Boy. I swear me and Walsh were the only ones who liked the guy at the beginning of the year. Now that everyone is on the bandwagon, they’re finally selling shirts with his name on it. I really want one now :(
  2. My Hammies! It’s nice to see PK :) (please note how I didn’t mention how the call up rule is annoying when it comes to the fact that I’d like a certain Ben Maxwell back)
  3. Squishy. Do I need to say more?
  4. I like how this team is FINALLY coming together as a team. This is the first time I’ve really felt that they’ve played/acted like a real team as opposed to a bunch of guys thrown together.
  5. Sharing some awesome moments with my family while we make fun of Puffy. I know, I know… we were all very relieved when he scored the freaking GWG goal in February, but that was the Olympics. This is the Stanley Cup. The gloves come off now.

I’d write up a pile of stuff that I don’t like but that’s depressing but that’s depressing so forget it…. XD

Also…. I know the Wings and I have a very rocky relationship, but I had some tomatoes and olives today and I couldn’t help but think about the Wings (’cause every time I ate it last year, they would win).

The Mem Cup is going to stink. A lot.

Why? ’cause the Wildcats are in it. That makes it automatically horrendous. Bleh. The sorta bright side is that I’ll get to cheer for every other team just because I want them to beat Moncton! Don’t know anything about the Calgary Hitmen, dont’ follow the Brandon Wheat Kings and am pretty neutral about the Windsor Spitfires (well, this time anyway) so…. I guess… Go ABM (anybody but Moncton).

Of course y’know what this means right? It means the Habs will draft some guys from Moncton, their coach will end up on a team I don’t hate and I’ll end up liking in October next year. Meh. Right now though, it’s war.


ALSO Go Cycs :) Bobby had a shutout in game five (!) and the Cycs are looking to tie the series at 3 tonight. Which would be amazing considering they were down 3-0….

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2 Responses to oh right… there are other teams playing too :D

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Wow, the Cyclones tied their series and the last game is in Cincinnati! I’ll cross my fingers for them…

    And you were not alone with Walsh in the Halak bandwagon back in October, I was there too! :)

  2. Cycs tied it! Game seven is (sadly) also tonight :)))

    And true, you were on the Jaro bandwagon too! I forgot :(

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