Hammies vs Heat: ………. OMG! O_O

Pre-game smashing

  • Okay why is Talk820 not working? WHY?!! Also… why the hell am I stuck with the HEAT people on AHL live? The game hasn’t even started yet and I’m about to go Playfair…… :|
  • Oh heaven help me… “It’s Curtis Sanford in nets tonight instead of.. that other guy they have… Day-zhar-DAYN”. Thank goodness Sanford is playing… Wait……. what the hell? SANFORD IS PLAYING? Hope he’s not too rusty…. :(
  • *sobs* Can I PLEASE have Flandersdude? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :( I don’t want mean Heat people :((((
  • Heh. Bright side is I get to hear the Heat guys talking when they’re supposed on commercial break…. Well, this should be “fun”….

First period

  • Damn right Sanford’s last game was when Playfair went Playfair…..
  • Sigh. FailPP coming up…. Oh and…..Dayharnay and Doomont on the PP….
  • FailPP.. and now a fail PK coming up…
  • hahahahah Shantz almost scored on himself when Russell came in shorthanded…
  • Ugh… watching a game and blogging at the same time is not easy… I should just plug in my second screen…. :|
  • San Deneee cleared the puck. Yay San Denee! I didn’t know he was a Spanish :D (San = Spanish for Saint).
  • Oh scary Bouma is scary. NOT. Run away from that big bad White, Bouma. RUN ANYWAY.
  • This reminds me of the time I was stuck with the Amerks dudes once ’cause Talk820 died in the middle of the game. It was sad. Until the Hammies won. Then it was hilarious.
  • Puck goes Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! right through the crease…. NO GOAL, BUT WUT o.O
  • Uhh this audio is ahead of the video….. Hahaha it’s like seeing the future. Well, like 2 seconds into the future.
  • Ohhhhh did you just imply that MY team is the undisciplined one? DID YOU?
  • ……………Are they SINGING during this commercial break? o_O Do all play by play guys sing to random music when they think nobody is listening…..?
  • Damnit. 1-0. Sigh……. Please smother the puck next time, Sanford… Please…….
  • I’m not giving credit to any Heat for that goal, buddy, so perish the thought. :|
  • I don’t care if you don’t like Henry…. I don’t like Pelech either who you’re accusing of cheap hitting Pelech after the whistle (it was a small push)…..
  • When the goalie comes waaaaaaay out of the net… it would’ve been very nice if Gluu had got around him…… as opposed to having Shantz kinda tackle him and stop the puck =/
  • Argh… why is this fail PP being a FAIL?
  • OFF THE POST. UGH. *headdesk*
  • *headdesk*
  • *headdesk*
  • Grapefruit… that was a lame penalty to take…. I appreciate you dumping Pelech, but that was a bad idea to it then and like that….
  • OMG NOW YOU DECIDE TO WORK TALK820?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies* oh well.. at least I won’t need to listen to the Heat people interviewing someone now…. :)))))))
  • Oh Hamilton commercials! How I have missed you! <3 <3

Second period

  • Ahhhh… the radio feed is more ahead of the video than the audio with the video was. Oh well. I’ll live……
  • I won’t live with THAT though…. 2-o…. Why are you doing this to me, Hammies?!
  • I think I just saw this series flash before my eyes. Oh wait.. that was just the video feed freezing up and zooming forward.
  • Oh thanks… pour on the pessimistic thoughts by mentioning that the Habs lost =|
  • The Heat’s mascot is ugly. And it can’t dance. Can’t believe I’m reduced to dissing ugly mascots now….
  • YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! GLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! 2-1! PRETTY!!!! Had to wait forever for the video feed to catch up…. but it was worth it :D
  • Are we feeling a little happier now?
  • I wonder what the Heat guys think about the fact that their dude just crosschecked a Hammie…. hmm dare I un-mute this? Nahhhh….
  • Wait… HunterBishop! is playing? Does this mean Dany isn’t playing? I haven’t heard his name…..
  • Eh… nice to hear someone is enjoying this game…. =p
  • “I like Dumont. He’s a little agitator.” From czechtacular: “i know eh, i was like …. and the queen is old. we know”  :D :D This is Gabby being the Gabby that we all know and love (well, minus the prolific goal scoring but he’s not going to be having 50 + goal seasons in the AHL/NHL).
  • Sigh. Fail PK coming up… (btw, I don’t like how the reffing job is trying to be like the reffing job in game 4 of the Habs/Pens game).
  • Oh look… the video feed is playing a commercial of “Sidney Crosby’s basement”….. BAD TIMING.
  • I’m going to go Playfair on the refs in 3…..2……1……SMASH. FailPK coming up…. AGAIN. :|
  • “If I bite my tongue and draw blood maybe then he’ll call one” …can a play by play guy get called for delay of game?
  • Oh finally! A Heat penalty has been called. FINALLY. And it was a Sutter clone.
  • Of course…. they call it a “failPP” for a reason…..Sigh.
  • Missing SOOO many chances…..
  • Depressing stat of the hour: Hammies are 1-4 while trailing after 40 mins in the playoffs, while the Heat are 6-0.
  • oh well… *settles in for a Dany interview* I like this. Gabby had an interview the other night, they ran Olivier’s interview earlier and now Dany’s coming up <3

Third period

  • Decking Gabby isn’t cool…
  • I’m assuming the game that the game Hammies came back in after being down after 40 mins was that double OT game……. I’ll sit through 3 OTs if the Hammies wind up winning it. Without whining about the time. I promise.
  • …you need a goal if you want to go to OT tho…
  • Aaaaannnnnnnd maybe this upcoming PP will work. I’m really not counting on it. Yup. I’m a pessimist.
  • Gluuu… you missed an open net…..
  • *headdesk*
  • *headdesk*
  • *headdesk*
  • OMG GLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!! \o/ \o/ TIED GAME. And the fail video worked just in time for the goal ;p need ice for my head now…
  • Is that a “Go Dogs Go?” I hear from the dude sitting right under the mic?
  • Oyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……….. “Where is the puck?”
  • give me a break… a penalty is coming up? FOR WHAT?
  • Why am I even MORE nervous now than I was before? :|
  • Can’t type. Too busy biting fingers and wiping crap off my screen… (I just sneezed all over my computer. Gross, I know).
  • HOLY CRAP BENOIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-2! OMG. I love how the video feed keeps dying but it works just long enough when the Hammies score.
  • 3 mins left. holy crap…. NOT GOING TO SURVIVE.
  • less than 2……
  • Empty net…. *sob*
  • Arrghhhhhhhh that was wayyyy tooo close for the Heat……. *kicks the Heat dude*
  • THANK YOU RYAN RUSSELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4-2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said on FB after his brother scored for Team Canada this morning that he needed to score tonight. YAY for the Russells!!! :)))))
  • Did David just score on the still empty net? Hahahahaha. 5-2. *collapses*

Rafs's got the right idea....

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2 Responses to Hammies vs Heat: ………. OMG! O_O

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Oh they don’t make this easy on you! Well now they have two home games to win the series… Yay!

  2. And finally a game at a decent time! SAYONARA LATE NIGHT GAMES…. well, at least for now :|

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