CHOCOLATE MILK BOY FOR THE WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN. I might really have to start calling him Havlak… just because it sounds funny and reminds if of that Aflac duck that randomly appears on NESN during Sox games (I love that little duck that wanders onto to the bottom of the screen and quacks “ALFAC” at you XD).

First period

  • Okay Hammies…. no copying the Wolves tonight. Even if you’re all sick. And hurt. Speaking of hurt…. can I nickname Ryan White “Grapefruit” (’cause someone *coughsCoachcoughs* said his face looked like a grapefruit)?
  • Righto… what’s going on in this game? Oh the Heat are running people over…. and then they’re getting run over by Gabby. Bwaha..
  • And Shantz is stopping the puck. Poop.
  • Oy. Waaaay too many shots on the poor Hammies goalie….. Waaaaaay too many :( please put the puck the other way…
  • Oh noes, they’ve brought those stupid drums back to whatever the name of the Heat arena is called….. Go bash those somewhere else where I can’t hear them :|
  • I’m sure the SOG are like 100-2 for the Heat..
  • Booooooooo…… Freddy going to the box…….. PLEASE NO FAIL PK? (even though your PK on the road is 50something%)
  • PK success for once!
  • but the puck is still trying to stick around Teddy…
  • sdfghjki 1-0………… not clearing the puck = baaaaaad…..
  • Oh but a PP is coming. Thanks Heat!
  • Wrong guy taking a shot on the wrong goalie…..
  • Oh for god’s sake…. did Pelech just knee Teddy in the head? Even if he didn’t…. GET LOST.
  • Maybe one day the Hammies will score a goal when the Heat take a (err one of many) penalty. One day :|
  • Hey I wonder if this Catholic counseling place on that this commercial is advertising offers counselling for ineffective PPs?  Hmmmmm…

Second period

  • Well, okay then.. Gabby, you do NOT sound squeaky. Not. At. All. Sorry, but I need to go laugh about this for a while. Poor Squeaky Brrrrock :(
  • Whaaaaaaaah you were SO DAMN CLOSE STEVENSON :((((((((
  • Scrummmmmmmm……..
  • Why do I feel like asking for a PPG tonight is like asking for a miracle? Oh well.. Miracles happen, right?
  • ……right?
  • RIGHT?
  • Fine. Be that way
  • Wutwutwut they’re getting outshot? Be right back. Sobbing.
  • Welcome to the AHL, Gabby. You just took a punch to the face by Seabrook (who’s going to the box now). I mean… Gabby’s used to getting punched (and actually he’s pretty used to punching too) but still…
  • This PP is reminding if the Caps PP: Not enough people in front of the goalie = goalie seeing the puck = goalie stopping the puck.
  • dfhaskjdhiwuerhyiuewrh if the Heat don’t stop taking shots on MY goalie I’m going to cryyyyyyyy…. I might cry anyway ’cause my eyes are driving me insane right now.
  • And of course it’s totally one of those nights…. Vernace off to the box now.
  • !@#$%^&!!! Here we freaking go again. 2-1. WHY SO FAILY ON THE PK?
  • *growls*
  • One little fleury flurry of shots does not equal a goal *pouts*
  • Hmmph. I hope they come back a little perkier for the third period…I think I’ll have a nap during the second intermission…. sleep deprivation has set in and now I’m laughing like an idiot for no reason.

Third period

  • Sigh. Here comes a fail PK.
  • Hmmm so far not failing… dare I hope?
  • Oh look. It didn’t fail! Yay.
  • WHAT WAS THAT? :| 3-1 now. Alright, fine. Copy the Wolves exactly. FINE. DO IT.
  • And you’re back on the PK. Okay. Fine. Be that way.
  • Oy… falling asleep here…. I fail at this whole staying up late all week long thing…
  • ZzZzZzZZzZ….
  • Okay, Hammies, score or I’ll be forced to start relaying random genealogy stuff about random people…..
  • ………..
  • …………………………..
  • …………………………………..
  • Okay, you brought this upon yourselves…. Did you know that Don Carlos only had 3 sets of great-great grandparents? Normal people like me and you have eight sets. That’s sixteen people. I’m looking at a family tree of my family and I can see sixteen different people on my lovely tree. Nutcase Random Spanish Royalty people had 3 sets. What does that mean? It means people kept marrying their cousins (and you end up with double cousins marrying each other too. Double cousins is where you have say… two brothers marrying two sisters. Their kids are double cousins). And the WEIRDER stuff? Okay, Don Carlos’ cousin Sebastian (you can google him too if you think I’m making him up or better yet! here’s his wikipedia page :D) had 3 sets of great-great-grandparents AND here’s the weird bit… the only difference between Don Carlos’ family tree and Sebastian’s is their parents. The the rest are the SAME.
  • Okay, now that I’ve freaked out with that…. you should go look up Charles II’s ancestors. That’s even weirder than Don Carlos’. Like… I can’t even explain. It’s just gross though. ANYWAY…. now that you all know that I love genealogy about as much as I love hockey (SHOCK AND AWE I KNOW)…. lets’ move on back to hockey….
  • I guess winning this series in six games would be okay too. I was kinda hoping for a bit less faily game from the Hammies though :| Maybe they’ll take their vitamin C and get all healthy by Saturday…
  • Excuse me while I revert into “OMG WHAT IF THEY LOSE THIS SERIES?!?” mode.
  • Maybe being ANGRY will help….
  • Agh. Trying not to get freaked out right now. Deep breaths, EP…  *deep breathes* OKAY. You know what I need? I need a picture of Gandalf facing down the Balrog. Only I’ll replace the Balrog with the Heat. But yeah. “YOU SHALL NOT PASS, YO”. :)
  • SLEEP DEPRIVATION IS SETTING IN, YES? I’m going to shut up now. GO HAMMIES GO! :) Also.. Wolves,  please win because the Hammies like to copy you ;p
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4 Responses to Hammies vs Heat: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  1. Grrrreg says:


    So Gabby has a squeaky voice too?? Ahahahahahahahahaha. Sorry Gabby, I just imagined a squeaky conversation between you and Brrrrock.

  2. Gabby is NOT squeaky. That’s what blew my mind. He was so NOT squeaky that I was just like “dude…. are you 20 are 50? o.O”. David’s kinda squeaky so at least poor Brrrock isn’t totally alone.

  3. Grrrreg says:

    Oooh I completely misread that this morning… :)

  4. Don’t worry. It did kinda come off as a sarcastic remark…=p

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