Hammies vs Heat: Wheeeeeeee!

First period

  • GABBY IS GOING TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GABBY!! *clap clap clap* But no Dany…. :(
  • Awww, that’s not quite how you say Gabby’s name or Voltigeurs, but that’s okay! <3
  • WHOOOOOOOOO RYAN WHIIIIIIIIITE 1-0!!!!!!!!!! And I don’t think THAT one was off his skate *coughs*
  • Ummm  PK time already? :|
  • “Some late extracurricular stuff going on”.. Is Gabby on the ice? (not that anyone would know what he’s saying but whatever)
  • Who announced the parade to the penalty box?! Yeeesh….
  • UGH. 1-1. You were asking for that =/
  • Haha, Jaffray – who just scored – is now off the box. How about a PP goal now?
  • WHOOOOOO! Haven’t got a clue who the hell scored that but who cares! 2-1!
  • They said it was Gluuuuuu so I guess it’s Gluuu! :)
  • Oh and another Heat guy is off to the box…..
  • Boooooo bad White taking a dumb penalty…
  • I quite like Fortier \o/ Especially when he’s getting decent shots away on the other goalie xD
  • Whyyyy so much pushing and shoving….? =/
  • “Uhoh, Playfair is standing up on the bench. Hold on to your hockey sticks”. Waaaatch ouuuuut!
  • Is this period over yet? It feels like it’s been going on foreeeveeeeeer….!
  • Is this a PP for the Heat? NO? Then CLEAR THE PUCK.
  • like that! Yes! Well… next time Shantz can NOT make the save….
  • FINALLY this period is over!

Second period

  • PK already? :|
  • And no White? :(((
  • PK = successful!
  • Watt = idiot :/
  • Uhoh… Gluuu did you just kill a Heat dude? :|
  • What the hell?! Five minute major for that?! Can I go Playfair?
  • Hahaha, Heat.. you blew a good portion of your PP…
  • LOL! Heat just screwed the four on four up now too….
  • So…. what kind of PP is coming up? I’m confused… 4 on 3? 5 on 3? 4 on 2?? Something?
  • WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! DAVID! 3-1! \o/
  • booooooooo Hammie off to the box…
  • Yay for another not-fail PK.
  • Oh and yay for another PP (really, though, is it news worthy to mention every time a Heat guy takes a penalty?).
  • I wonder how many times the Hammies have missed the net? Probably like a 100 times XD
  • Blah blah blah Heat take another penalty blah blah blah lots of pushing after the whistle blah blah blah…..
  • Uhoh… Vernace is heading off the ice now…. we’re losing players left, right and center :((((((
  • I’m going to pretend that the Hammies not being zombies is because Gabby the Trashtalking Zombie Slayer is here ;p

Third period

  • “If you’re listening to this Mrs. White, your son is okay. He’s stitched up and didn’t lose any teeth”. Well, I’m not Mrs. White, but I’m super happy to hear that!
  • Can we stop taking penalties at the start of periods?!
  • Uh Gabby is serving St. Denis’ penalty ’cause St. Denis is kinda off to the dressing room :(
  • I feel bad for always forgetting about Vernace. He’s been having a good game so far!
  • Eh…. I didn’t know HunterBishop! was playing????
  • “He’s had 7 seconds of ice time”. Ohhhhhh……. I didn’t know it was possible to even play just 7 seconds?
  • Iiiiiceeefail in Hamilton :(
  • Still failing…
  • still failing…
  • did he just say they’ve got a fire extinguisher out there?
  • And we’re back.
  • The mental image of little David sticking up for his goalie is pretty funny. You show ’em, David!
  • O.O did Teddy just turn into a gymnast? o.O That sounded insane…
  • Okay, why am I only hearing random Heat people taking shots on Teddy? PUCK GOES THE OTHER WAY.
  • Andy Delmore can get off the ice any time now…
  • Or not… they just iced the puck….
  • I’m pleased that the Hammies are being all awesome but I don’t appreciate the Heat being jerks again.
  • Um really, do the Hammies not understand the concept of playing 60 minutes? HMM?! HMMM?!!!!! All I hear is the Heat controlling the play right now.
  • Empty net!
  • “If they can’t defend a two goal lead with 8 seconds left, I wouldn’t want to be around Coach Boucher”. Uhhh yeah……………..
  • YAAAAAAAAAY they wiiiiiiiiiiiiin! :)))))

Eh…. the mental image of Ryan White getting the first star and coming out with his jersey covered in BLOOD is kinda gross and totally freaking awesome at the same time. Ryan White = freaking awesome.

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