Have no fear, Gabby’s coming to the rescue!

[I would’ve written something up about last night, but I’m still mad about it and very freaked out for Sunday, so instead of being a cranky jerk, I’m going to bring you some good news for once]


Gabby has magically abilities to un-zombie-fy his teammates! At least that’s what we hope because we’re screwed if the Hammies don’t stop pretending to be zombies. But I think I’m getting ahead of myself right now……

According to the Volts, Gabby’s going to Hamilton!!! YAY!!!!! I thought Gabby was injured though………………..? /o\ He can sit on the bench and yell encouragement at them then…. you know… “COACH SAID THAT’S NOT HOW YOU RUN A PP!” (mind you, only a handful of guys would actually know what he was yelling in French but whatever).



And as I’ve been saying all over various social networking sites this morning: if we just took Philippe too then between Gabby, Philippe, Dany and Coach we could pretend that the Volts were still in the playoffs……. (*sobs and strangles a little cutout of the Moncton Wildcats logo*) Right. As it is, Gabby will have to be bffs with Dany and Olivier (can Gabby or Olivier play not-center? I want an all Q line! XD)


Gabby: Umm Philippe... you're not coming to Hammie-town.... Philippe: Wut? :(((

You know last night stunk a lot when I’m already¬†anointing Gabby as our savior….. But really… no pressure, Gabby! You just need to un-zombie-fy everyone!

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