First round playoff predictions roundup (aka FAIL)

I said:

Caps in 5 (*sobs*)

Devils in 4,6 or Flyers in 7 (all that BSing and I still got it wrong. Damnit).

Sabres in 6 (well, the series went to six games… it was just the wrong team that won!)

Pens in 6 (is that pathetic or what that the only one in the east I got right was this one?)

Sharks in 5 (well, it would’ve been five if Dan Boyle’s first goal had gone in on AV’s net)

Hawks in 5 (I didn’t even realize they lost two until I checked… Oops)

Canucks in 6 (Creepy Twins FTW?)

Wings in 6 (not my fault they looked like they forgot how to play in game six)



Pens in 6

Booins in 6

Wings in 6

Hawks in 6

Creative, yeah?  Oh of course the Hammies will win in 6 too.

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2 Responses to First round playoff predictions roundup (aka FAIL)

  1. Yves says:

    The magic number 6!

    I’m gonna hope (and believe) that both the Habs and Canucks will prevail.

    Pretty unlikely I know against the Pens…. but that’s what everyone said against the Caps… so it makes me look a little less crazy.


  2. I’m a bit torn about the Canucks. I’m not a huge fan of theirs and I started sorta liking the Hawks last year when they beat the ‘nucks…

    Hopefully Crysob and Co will disappear for a bit!

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