Well, it’s the day after the Moose have been eliminated and I’m already sad that I don’t get to try to turn Cory Schneider into a llama anymore. I’m going to miss him a bit. Maybe. Kinda. Meh, not really. I hope I never see him in the AHL again to be honest (c’mon, stupid Canucks, Cory Schneider and the Hammies fans don’t have all day to wait for Luongo to go the way of Osgood).

Anyway…… Frustrating goalies aside…..

That was a weird series, no? I mean, other than the nutcase scores of the games…. don’t tell me you expected the Hammies PP to actually work more than once ever hundred times, while their super awesome PK failed (and actually, if we want to be nit-picky type of people, the PP wasn’t brilliant at times with two short handed goals scored against). Also, for a team that has had a great road record… the Hammies only took one game (in double OT!) on the road (although, my story is that I’m blaming Cory “NotHammieKiller” Schneider on the game 5 loss).


Heat or Amerks?

My attempt to dig up stats was sort of cut short by the fact that the daily report thingy on the AHL only has the stats for the PLAYOFFS which is not exactly what I’m after…..  so… yeah… abbreviated lame stats from the season:

Hammies are 4-3-0-2 against the Amerks.

Hammies have out shot the Amerks  347 to 242  and out scored them 37 to 31 (not exactly a wide margin, eh?).

Desjardins has a 2.63 GAA and a .903 SV% against the Amerks (that’s in 8 games). Sanford has a 3.5 GAA and a .863 SV% (in 2 games).

The Amerks have had four goalies playing against the Hammies but right now they’re going with Plante and Salak (in that order, yeah… I seemed to have missed the “Salak stinks now” memo…).

Salak: 2.3 GAA and .902 SV% (in well, 4 games err I think there’s some half games in there. He’s been pulled once or twice)

Plante: 3.5 GAA and .881 SV% (in 4).

Pros to playing the Amerks: 1) Decent time zone (no10:30 EST start times!!!!) 2) they don’t play as dirty as the Heat 3) Would be poetic justice to crush the Amerks in the playoffs.

Cons: Amerks are a better team on paper than the Heat….. Also… Benoit Groulx doesn’t go Playfair. That’s no fun =/


And for the Heat….who’s stats I had hanging around from before but I think I screwed up the goalies’ stats so I gotta do it again… Stupid numbers…….

Hammies are 5-2-0-1 this season

Hammies have outscored the Heat 19-12. And outshot them 244-213.

Sanford: 956 SV% and 1.00 GAA (in 5 games)

Desjardins’ SV% is 954% with a 1.00 GAA (also 5. They kinda both played a couple of games).

Shantz .905 SV% and  2.33 GAA (in 3 games)

Irving is SV% .933 and a 2.33 GAA (also in 3 games).

Pros: um…. there aren’t any….? Aside from maybe waiting to see if their coach blow sup.

Cons: 1) lame time zone 2) lame time zone 3) they play dirty hockey.


I had other thoughts but  yeah.. I can’t remember now… damnit… =/

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2 Responses to So…………..

  1. Tim says:

    okay, now you have to be be smiling; your Habs have take the President Cup winners to 7 games. If nothing else this provides more money to buy better players in the off season.

    Not matter what happens next game the sun will still come up in the morning and your new favorite colour is PURPLE!

  2. But I’m also a fan of said President Cup winners… then again, I am a HUGE fan of Jaro so that was awesome… on the other hand.. I want my HAMMIES back :(

    Andandandandand I’m still trying to get used to this purple colour thing… they should change their colours to red and uh more red :D

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