Hammies vs Moosies: got heart attack?

Pre-game Stuffs

  • Good morning…. I seem to have just woke up…… random naps for the win
  • Awwwwwwwwwwwww BookAnalogyNOTfail! \o/ <3 <3 <3
  • Hey… while we’re on the subject of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde… Cory Schneider can pull a Mr. Hyde tonight (which of course means that he can fail epically).
  • If this was Montreal this would count as the start of a goalie controversy: “I wonder how this series would have gone if the Bulldogs had had access to a healthy Sanford”. Thankfully, it’s not so we’re not going to make a big deal out of it :D
  • Enemy Watch: Amerks are failing epically in game six….. normally, I’d support this except if the Heat end up winning game seven… that’ll just be ugly.
  • So…. playing super aggressive + getting in Schneider’s face + no more PK fail = win? or something like that?
  • omg… stop mentioning all the times teams have come back from being down 2-0 in the series. STOP IT. :(
  • o_O Fortier is playing? o___O
  • And Yannick’s back \o/

First period

  • Shoo Schneider.
  • I like the game plan of trying to send the Moose players into the bench (as long as they dont’ take penalties for it) XD
  • So…. let me get this right…. The Hammies get a PP. They put on a crapload of pressure, freaking Schneider robs the Hammies and then the freaking Moose score on a freaking breakaway?! What. The. F**K. 1-0. Keep this up and I’m going to forget my sort of rule of trying not to swear on this blog…
  • And now there’s a PK. GREAT.
  • “I’m going to turn him into a flea. A tiny, harmless, little flea. And then I’ll put that flea in a box and put that box in another box and then I’ll mail that box to myself and when it arrives I’ll SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER”….. As for who gets to be the metaphorical flea in the box, I’ll leave that to you to decide. SMASH. SMASH. SMASH.
  • Oh look. A PP… hmmph…..
  • Hellloooooooo? I know you’re all probably a little stunned with that SHG, but what the hell are you doing letting the Moose get all these kickass chances on your PP?  :|
  • You know what I realized? I didn’t have dessert. I need something delightfully sugary and totally unhealthy to make me feel better……
  • No sugary food in the house…. Damnit. And the Hammies still aren’t scoring despite firing a shitload of pucks at Schneider. Damnit.
  • Oh hi. PP coming up. Can not let in a shorty?
  • FINALLY.TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH TO LET IN A BLOODY GOAL, SCHNEIDER. dhkajdhaihdakldhask! David scores and it’s finally 1-1. THANK THE FREAKING HOCKEY GODS.
  • Fighty. Fighty. Fighty.  Meh.
  • Sounds like Arniel is approaching “Playfair” levels of anger right now. Shush, your dumb Moose just speared Newbie.
  • Brief PP coming up.
  • And no goal before the buzzer… Poop.

Second period

  • Flandersdude says that Coach thought that the Moose had too many guys on the ice when they scored their first goal….. apparently he nearly went Playfair and we missed it :/
  • What the hell………………..  2-1 for the Moose now. Okay… brb going to pencil in game 7 on my schedule….
  • Don’t worry Hammies, you’re not the only dysfunctional team out there. The Wolves epically blew their 3-1 series lead, and the Amerks just blew their 3-1 lead too. The whole western conference is really dysfunctional \o/ well, minus the Stars…. Wouldn’t THAT be hilarious if the Stars went through to the finals? And by hilarious I mean “major epic fail for the rest of the conference”…..
  • What is with all these break aways for the Moose? I dont’ get it……? Why are you so faily, defense?!
  • Did David just deck someone? David?? How can David reach someone to deck them? Unless it’s that short guy the Moose have….. trying to remember who that is…. meh, whatever….
  • PP coming up…..*waits for the Moose to get a goal either on the PP or right after*
  • So…. if a Hammie gets pushed into the net and inadvertently kicks the puck in….. it’s not a goal because… he was in the crease….. and then there’s no penalty to the Moose  for pushing said Hammie into the net because………….?
  • PK… don’t be hurt :(
  • Okay, he’s not hurt. Phew!!!! Fail PP coming up.
  • OH HELLO THAT IS NOT A FAIL PP. THANK YOU TO WHOEVER THE HELL JUST SCORED THAT. 2-2. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently it was Ryan White. Thank you Ryan!
  • UGH. Ryan Russell just missed an open net……………
  • Sob…… This is frustrating as hell to have all these chances and not score…..
  • It’s also frustrating when the refs fail epically….. yeesh…

Third period

  • Let’s see if we can go 5 mins without getting scored on….. As long as there’s no PP for the Hammies, we should be okay…. right?
  • poor Gluu just got a puck in the face…
  • Maybe it’s because each shot that doesn’t go in is kinda amplified tonight…. but these guys seem to be missing the net an awful lot…. :|
  • no energy left to type…… also kinda of distracted with the sea of socks on my floor…….
  • Oh noes… they’re playing “put your hands up in the air”…. I miss the Juniors :((( they always played that….
  • Uh…. how does Volpatti go from almost scoring to taking a penalty in the span of a few seconds? Not that I give a… whatever. Just wondering.
  • Can have a PP goal now?
  • Or not……. PK going to the box now. Jkdaqwjhfkhfrawoeih…..
  • oh no… is this headed to OT? On no… Please end this now, Hammies. PLEASE. AND NOTE THAT I SAID “HAMMIES”. NOT MOOSIES.
  • You missed the open net, Anderson. HFOASHFOSHFNKFN *dies*
  • Nerves. Can’t. Take. It.
  • And it’s OT  time. Eff. I hope the Hammies know of a good heart doctor because my heart won’t be able to take too much OT.


  • Really not sure I’ll be able to survive this OT…..
  • Good god, Sexton… you’re not even a real Moose. Stop saving their season.
  • @_______@ god….. all these shots and no goal……
  • There is a mosquito in my room… might need to name it Cory before I squash it….
  • Except I actually can’t bring myself to kill it…… yeah……
  • Newbie deserves a goal… he’s been freaking on fire.
  • “I wonder what Guy Boucher said to the Bulldogs during the intermission?” Yeah, I can only imagine…….. hehehe….
  • Have the Moose even got a SOG in this OT?
  • I didn’t need to sacrifice the mosquito either! WHOOO! might need to kill it though…. dont’ want it biting anyone in case it’s carrying something not good….. Sigh…..
  • But to finish this on a happy note: WHOOOOOOOO! \o/

Yeah, that's Roger when he won Wimby last year

YAY for very bad quality gifs

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4 Responses to Hammies vs Moosies: got heart attack?

  1. Grrrreg says:

    YES!!! Who do you want to see in the next round? The Heat or the Amerks?

    And I just checked the AHL website. Their playoffs schedule is crazy! How can the wolves already be midway through their second round?!

  2. Amerks, I think. Because 1) I hate 10:30 start times (imagine if THAT goes to double OT?) 2) I hate the Heat 3) I hate the Heat. So… the Amerks are better because 1) no 10:30 start times 2) I hate the Amerks, but I really want to stick it to them and 3) SAAAAALAAAAAAAAAK (actually,they’ve been using Plante…so that kinda wont’ work too well).

    I think you mean the Bears are half way done ’cause the Wolves are epic fails and are going to game 7 tonight ;) But yeah.. it’s a bizarre schedule and I think it’s mostly due to the fact that AHL teams have way less control over their arenas than NHL teams do so they have to take what they get.

  3. Grrrreg says:

    Yeah I meant the Bears. For some reason I always confuse the wolves and the bears. No idea why.

    If the Hammies go to double OT in the Heat’s arena, I could be awake when the game ends! It already happened to me once or twice when Sharks or Canucks game went to several OT… I connect to check the scores in the morning and I see the game is still going on!

  4. LOL that has to be kinda weird to wake up to see the game still going on… xD Don’t wanna play the Heat though…. =/

    Bears…. Wolves…. meh, they’re both not-so-scary animals… xD When I think of the Bears, I have this horrible mental image of John Carlson (BOOOOOOO!). And with the Wolves I just randomly think of Don and Ron :(

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