Hammies vs Moosies: Ooops.

Pre-game stuff

  • I’m never going to read anything that Coach says about games before they happen anymore. His whole “the other team is going to come out and be awesome” thing is really not helping my nerves. We don’t want an awesome Moose team :( I want the Moose squad that showed up last Saturday…..!
  • Really though… if the Moose are going to win a game.. it’s going to be this one. Why? Because. Is my intuition ever wrong? =p
  • “The Bulldogs didn’t go to the media and say that Cory Schneider looked nervous and that his hand was shaking.” ;)

First period

  • Yikes… I don’t like this game starting with a good shot by Desbiens… >.<
  • Oh no Dusty Collins or TheWrongMaxwell? Yay?
  • “Pope has the puck……. Bishop takes the puck….” Hehehe.
  • PP coming up. Let’s see which Hammies PP shows up tonight.
  • Well, it’s not the “we’re going to surprise them and score on the first one” one…. :(
  • Sounded like Desbiens went head hunting on Belle………another PP coming up.
  • Oh it’s the better Cory “HammieKiller” Schneider who’s showed up. I don’t like this one. Where’s the epically faily one?
  • Glass is faily in Moosieville today….
  • Bad Newbie. PK (not that one)  time. Although maybe we can make this PK (yes that one) on a shorty time. Or anyone on a shorty really.
  • Ewwwwwwwwww 1-0 Moose…….
  • Another PK? Sigh. Look, I had a horrible feeling that you’d be floppy in this game, but really….
  • I said I wanted the Moose to play like they did on Saturday. Not for the Hammies to play like the Moose did on Saturday 2-0.
  • I hope you guys realize that you can’t put Mayer in nets… That would just be epically cruel.
  • The Moose’s game plan seems to be to try to concuss the opposition….. So far, it’s not working, but I don’t like this game plan.
  • Well, that period kinda stunk. On to the second!

Second period

  • Um. 3-0. That goal horn is pretty annoying.
  • Ummmmm 4-0. Ummmm what is happening here?
  • Uhoh. Here comes Mayer…… oh dear…… C’mon, Robert, you can do better than Machesney did on Saturday! … I hope!
  • HAHA. We’re not getting blanked. Haha, Schneider. Hahaha….  4-1.
  • Of course the Hammies shoot themselves in the foot and take a penalty on a rush. Oy vey.
  • Survived the PK. Whoooooo! Ahem…
  • Oh PP!! Making decking White was a good thing after all… now can this PP work?!
  • WHOOOOOO! RYAN WHITE. Only down by… two now! 4-2.
  • Pessimistic thought: Need three goals to get ahead. To steal a Twitter hashtag…  #NeedsMoreEberle
  • Nice to see Mayer doing well so far. You go, dude! (can I call him Bob? :D )
  • Poop. PK coming up. Okay time to revert back to “awesome PK mode”!
  • Hammies really do want to score. They do! But Cory “HammieKiller” Schneider isn’t being nice and cooperating. C’mon, Hammies, you can do it!!!
  • …or not… here comes another penalty. Stop shooting yourselves in the foot (feet?)…. seriously!
  • And another penalty? Sigh.
  • So much for worrying about scoring before the end of this period. Now they just need to worry about not getting scored on.
  • Well, that could have been worse. Bring on the third period come back! (see, I can do this optimism thing too….!)

Third period

  • I’m SO calling Mayer “Bobby Mayer”. And I was reminded that he already has an arena named after him (The Bob) :))
  • Are they chanting “Mayer?” And they’re saying “May-er”. It’s “My-er”! Get it right if you’re going to chant his name…. Grrr.
  • Boooooo. Cory “HammieKiller” Schneider is robbing Hammies of goals =/
  • AND THAT WAS A SHORTY?! NOT IMPRESSED. Poor Bobby Mayer is never going to win a game. Oops. Was that the pessimistic thoughts coming back? Sorry. POSITIVE ENERGY.
  • “This might not be do or die on this PP, but it’s getting close”……….. :(
  • The Moose net is very adept at coming off the net when the Hammies are coming close to scoring. Maybe they should glue it in place….
  • Sigh. Why is the PP so bi-polar? :(
  • And this latest PP just got cut short by another penalty call.
  • Hmm okay. Let’s just call this a game and focus on not being dopey on Wednesday, okay?
  • Hmm…. 6-2. You could have waited a few more mins to officially call it a night.
  • What the……. someone tell Desbiens that 1) he’s an idiot and 2) he’s an idiot. Seriously. What is the point in sucker punching a guy? Especially when your team is up 6-2.
  • Haha. The Moose net came off (again) and it helps out the Hammies because the Moose would have had a two on one. Oopsies?
  • Um 7-2. I am VERY pleased that I’m not going to be the same room as Coach after this. Oh boy…
  • That sucked. Well, listen to your coach and come back and win on Wednesday? Or at least don’t play like this. Please.
  • If the Hammies lose the next three, I’m blaming it on Cable 14 :D
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