…. not going to blog about the Habs/Caps series

WAY too conflicted about it (probably more than I should be)…. so yeah….. no blogging about it …..

(psst, TURTLE-PLEKY got the GWG in OT. Yes, THAT Turtle-Pleky).

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3 Responses to …. not going to blog about the Habs/Caps series

  1. Shan says:

    “probably more than I should be”

    But too conflicted for a Caps fan or too conflicted for a Habs fan?!

    You know where your loyalties must lie. The Caps will get their Stanley Cup eventually anyway. You know how much it would mean just to see the Habs get past round 1 where none of the experts say it can happen!

    Admit it, when Tomas Jagr scored, there was something wonderful about it! The way the Habs stayed in the game against a superior opponent… can the Habs stay alive long enough to put one more in the net? They did. And if they can just repeat that same formula Saturday, it will rock the hockey world.

    But I am minorly conflicted too because I actually want Jose Theodore to be a successful goalie again. I feel bad for everything he has endured in both career and recent history.

    Although I object to this “discontent”, as it were, you could always blog about another series. For example, the Clones were still effective in the first game of the postseason.

    I love the playoffs! (I even totally ditched Scrabble Club last night to watch!)

  2. Number31 says:


  3. TOMAS JAGR :D Yeah, that was pretty special :) I really hope Turtle-Jagr doesn’t get a mullet though. Not a fan of mullets…IT’S THE TURTLENECK THAT IS MAGIC! :D

    But I really do want to see Jose and the Caps do well… Just talking to the fans who’ve been around since the beginning… it’s been brutal for them. This Caps team is really good and I want them to do well.

    I want both to win :((( SEEE? I TOLD YOU I WAS CONFLICTED.

    (and BOOOO CreepyTwins. I kinda like the Kings. I like Kopitar. And they have DOUGHTY who doesn’t have a creepy twin!).

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