THIS IS YOUR FAULT, RANGERS. ALL. YOUR. FAULT. I HATE YOU. (well, I’ve never ever been a fan of yours anyway, so myeh).

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  1. Shan says:

    If the Rangers had won in the shootout, and if the Habs had lost last night’s game in regulation, the Habs would’ve missed the playoffs. That’s a slim margin.

    But just imagine your team getting knocked out of the playoffs after a shootout–that would really suck. That’s going to hurt for a while. Lundqvist played great too.

    To add insult to injury, today Crysob tied Ovechkin in points and passed him in goals to win the Rocket (with Stamkos).


  2. Gah.

    I don’t think I can watch this series though…. Maybe I’ll just watch the Pens and Sens battle it out. I’ll hoping for the metaphorical roof to cave in =p

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