Hammies vs Marlies: last game of the regular season *sobs*

Pre-game stuffs

  • It’s the last game of the regular season………I seriously remember the first game of the season. I was sitting in a crappy Asian restaurant desperately texting people to tell me what was happening  *curls up in a ball and sobs*
  • White, David, Trotter and Weber are going to be sitting out today….
  • “The Hamilton Bulldogs poop on the Syracuse Crunch’s party”. I just died laughing. Seriously.
  • Fortier hasn’t played since the Memorial Cup in Mooski last year? (while we’re reminiscing about past games that I remember… I was SO ecstatic when Mooski beat the Volts in the Memorial Cup. Now I feel like a jerk about that…)

First period

  • Alright newbie Hammies. GOOD LUCK =)
  • Mayer made his first save  \o/
  • that totally sounded like a battle to see who could give away the puck the most xP
  • Seriously… Between Fortier and Mayer who are playing in their first game today and Dany and Lacroix who I always forget about (sorry!!!) I don’t recognize my team today…
  • Actually… looking at the lineup from their first game… there appears to be eight guys who played in that game who aren’t playing today.
  • HAHA… nine mins in and there’s a grand total of…. 2 SOG between the two teams (one each). Oh dear :D
  • WHOOOOOO! Anderson!  first goal in…. 52 games!  1-0!
  • HunterBishop! almost got a goal… but then he got decked…. and then someone decked Dany…. Uhuh.. I guess it’s Deck A Hammie Day today.
  • Actually, technically it’s Dog Day at Ricoh Coliseum. I’m not making this one up. Apparently it really is Dog Day. I’m picturing the place being overrun by bulldogs now…. xD
  • Oh…. he just mentioned the pre-season in Scotland *sobs* I’m going to miss this season so much…
  • HunterBishop! HunterBishop! HunterBishop! 2-o! Man, that name is just SO much fun to say :D HUNTERBISHOP!

Second period

  • Awwwwwwwwwwww Daviiiiid interview before <3
  • Hahahahaha the assist on HunterBishop’s goal was changed to Anderson’s… So Anderson had the first goal and HunterBishop! had the assist… and then HunterBishop! had the second goal and Anderson had the assist. Hahahaha…
  • okay wait… Henry’s hand got stuck in-between the glass and the boards? Ouch? o.O
  • “Fortier on the forecheck”. Say that five times in a row.
  • Booo Reimer…. stop making big saves….
  • Ayeyeyeye….. sounds like Mayer is coming up with some big saves.
  • HEY! What kind of PP is this?! This is a major FAIL PP. Mayer is coming up with some big saves on this PP. I wonder if Czech/Swiss people like sherbet…. (yes, THAT seven letter word that begins with a S and ends with a T)
  • For crying out loud…..! Give poor Robert some help, you twerps!

OMG. BRRRRRRrROCK JUST CALLED COACH “COACH” IN HIS INTERVIEW.  HAH! (for the records… they’ve been calling him “Guy” in their interviews instead of “Coach”…..so this is kinda funny).

Third period

  • ARGH. Damn Marlies…. 2-1.
  • Okay, how about we help our poor goalie out, eh, guys?
  • GLUU IS GONE TOO?! WHY? *sobs*
  • NEWBIE. You missed the net……
  • I’m sitting here curled up in a ball and rocking back and forth. SO NERVOUS. Come on Hammies! Finish this game!
  • Is that a real equipment problem, Mayer? Or a “I conveniently have a problem with my equipment when I know my team needs a bit of a breather but can’t make a line change? type of thing”
  • Whoa… I hear kids shouting “Let’s go Marlies”. It’s kind weird/scary/annoying.
  • YOU ARE KIDDING ME. Of course the Marlies want to keep me from eating dinner at a reasonable hour. Jerks. 2-2.
  • I hope these fans realize that their team is going golfing next week…. Seriously. The Marlies are going GOLFING.


  • I wasn’t expecting a great game but I’d kind of like a win for Mayer….
  • Hehehe… Henry just beat the crap out of Deveaux. Hehehe.
  • but really.. we’re not going to get a goal if we keep smashing up Marlies…
  • And now we’re going to waste time trying to figure out the penalties. Whatever….
  • shootout……


  • So far everyone is missing the net or hitting the post….
  • Mayer with the save!
  • And Reimer with the save…Good grief, people….
  • This is a really sad shootout.
  • Of course the freaking Cataracte who wins it. DAMNIT.
  • Ended the season the same way they started it: with a shootout loss to the Marlies. Oh well.

That’s still another record :D And that’s still a good performance by the “B” team! \o/ AND IT’S FINALLY PLAYOFF TIME.

Edit: PK and Gluu are okay=)

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