Hammies vs Crunch: (insert creative title here)

First period

  • Hello? Where is the game? The Crunch can’t really have listened when I told them that they’re not allowed to start the game before the Hammies are done airing Coach’s interview, did they? I’m not complaining (XD) just curious…
  • ummmm do not like that start. 1-0 for the Crunch. Smoke alarms will go off soon…. Wait for it.
  • Waiting… waiting….
  • Whooohooo!!!! WYMAN! 1-1!
  • ….it’s going to be one of THOSE games isn’t it? Crunchies score on what sounds like another ugly goal…  2-1.
  • The radio just died on me. Why? Why? o.<
  • OH I SEE HOW THIS IS GOING TO WORK. Ryan Russell scored when I was trying to fix the radio feed. I SEE. They clearly don’t want me to listen to them. Well, deal with it. I’ve been listening ALL season. Sheesh. Nice job though, Russell =) 2-2.
  • What, the period is over already? Really? Okay then…

Second period

  • There isn’t a whole lot to report so far….
  • WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WYMAN! 3-2!!!!!! Hahaha my dog also just made a random noise in his sleep. We’ll pretend he was celebrating too ;)
  • The two teams have 19 shots and have scored five goals…??? Good grief….
  • Okay, Mr. Crunch goalie… you can’t be THIS good… can you?
  • You know what would have made this game exciting? If it was against the Bears. Or the Wolves. That would have been fun. The Crunch just aren’t fun right now. Not that I can ever remember the Crunch being fun….
  • And no, that’s not a plea for you to be jerks, Crunch.
  • I hear: “Syracuse coming in on a two-on-one…” then I hear no crowd noise… Instantly assume that St. Denis blocked the shot. And guess what? He did! :D
  • …… For CRYING out loud, Hammies….. if you weren’t already awesome and if I didn’t know that you were already thinking about next week, I would smack you all. 3-3.


Third period

  • There’s a Chris Higgins on the Crunch team? Hahahahah…
  • ZzZzZzZzZzZz………..argh… can not stay awake here… can’t focus on anything……. c’mon Hammies…….
  • …………… 4-3. I blame the Bears for this. They slept through their 3-1 loss to the Crunch and now the Crunch are all “WHOOPY. WE WON. *kicks the Hammies*”
  • Hey look. A gift. You’re getting four minutes of PP coming up. There has to be a Shakespeare quote for “when you get a PP opportunity, score or else face the consequences”.
  • *headdesk*
  • So lucky that this is one of the most meaningless games that the Hammies are ever going to play this season. SO LUCKY. :|
  • OH HELLO. WHADDYA MEAN YOU WANT TO MAYBE WIN THIS? Someone scored and we dunno know! 4-4.
  • Newbie got the goal! \o/
  • OH HEY. PP?! Another flipping gift! Why can’t we just accept these gifts like normal people should?! EH?
  • Also.. it has to be so tough being a Koharski in the AHL. Some of them have coaches freak out on them, some have the entire building shouting “Ref you suck”… So tough……
  • Nice to know someone is having fun with this game, btw…….. XD
  • OT………


  • What is with these posts?! SERIOUSLY?
  • So what records have the Hammies broken/tied now? Something about road wins… and goalie wins? And something? Will have to check this out…. I dozed off when it was being mentioned………….. o.<

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more! Marlies smacking tomorrow :D not that I really expect there to be Marlies smacking… I think Mayer will be playing… and I think someone said Fortier is going to play too o.O Should be interesting if nothing else…

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4 Responses to Hammies vs Crunch: (insert creative title here)

  1. Number31 says:


    Still laughing at some idiot caller who never watched Bulldogs hockey claim that “that kid, Desjardins” (k he’s younger than Jaro by like 5 months) could take a spot when the Habs trade Price. (FIE! FIE ON YOU STUPID CALLER!)

    When are the playoffs already. Enough with the stupid teams.

  2. Grrrreg says:

    Woohoo Palushaj! Maybe the Hammies can break the record for most records broken in a single season.

    Now all I want today is 2 wins from the Habs and their affiliate over the Leafs and their affiliate!

  3. Shan says:

    “What is with these posts?! SERIOUSLY?”


  4. Number31 – hahahahahahaha…. that is dumb on several levels xP

    Grrreg – I’m trying not to think of the last time the Habs played the Leafs on the same day the Hammies played the Marlies… it didn’t end well…. o.<

    Shan – *facepalm* you can turn anything into a double-entendre! And I don't mean specifically you xDDD

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