Random thoughts and bad math…

It’s almost playoff time. I’m freaking out quite a bit now :( SO… Instead of sitting here biting my fingers… I’ thought I’d bring you all some random numbers. Courtesy of my bad math skills! Really.. please dont’ actually take any of the numbers as the actual truth… they’re more or less right but how much more or how much less is a bit of a mystery :D

While we can still make posts about who we’d prefer to play in the first round….. I’m still not sure who I’d rather see…

Random Moosies/Hammies numbers…

  • Their record is 4-3-1-0 against the Moose this season.
  • With the exception of the last group of games against them, they’ve always dropped the first game to the Moose this year.
  • The goodish news about the games that the Moose did win however, is that only once have they won by two goals (and the insurance goal was an empty netter. Actually, the GWG was an empty netter too). The rest were tight one goal games. The Hammies on the other hand have actually only beat the Moose once by one goal (in OT). The rest have been multiple goal differences.
  • The Hammies have out-scored the Moose 29-20. They appear to have outshot the Moose 257-170. Not surprising.
  • If I’ve added this right… their PP should be  7/46 (15%) against the Moose this season, while the PK has gone 34/39 (87%). I THINK. It was a pain to go through all the game sheets and adding this (and I suck at math anyway).. But my memory says: PP = not so hot anyway and PK = our best chance at survival.
  • Sanford’s SV% is .852 and his GAA is 3.00  (eeek) while Desjardins SV% .931 and GAA is 1.5.  Moosies goalies are….. Cory “HammieKiller” Schneider’s SV% is .903 and a GAA of 3.00 and Machesney’s SV% is .765 and his GAA is 4.00.Dont’ know what the point of mentioning Mechesney or Sanford is, because we all know that Mechesney won’t be playing unless Schneider comes down with a bad head cold (/hint) and Sanford won’t be doing anything other than cheer-lead (sob)… But yeah.. There you go….

What does all this mean? I dunno… I was just throwing stats out because I can :D Really though… Cory Schneider could be a huge part of this series. I don’t think he can steal an entire series against the Hammies, but I think he can make life very, very, very difficult. Part of me really wants the Moose to catch up to the Heat so they will have to play the Amerks. I’d almost rather Salak (or have they gone with Plante now?) battle it out with Schneider..

Hammies/Heat Stats of Randomness

  • Hammies are 5-2-0-1 this season.
  • They’ve lost 1 game by more than 1 goal with the other two losses being only a one goal difference (one in regulation and one in a shootout).
  • They only have only one regulation loss at home against the Heat.
  • They’ve outscored the Heat 19-12. And outshot them 244-213.
  • The PP has gone 8/42 (19%). PK has gone… 4/41 (90%) (vs the Heat).
  • Sanford has gone… .956 SV%  with a GAA of 1.00 while Desjardins’ SV% is 954% with a 1.00 GAA…. The Heat have been through a few (ie Matt Keetley) but the relevant goalies are Shantz and Irving… Shantz is SV% .905 with a 2.33 GAA vs the Hammies while Irving is SV% .933 and a 2.33 GAA.

My problem with the Heat is that 1) I think they will literally try to kill my Hammies and 2) their time zone is not fun. Lots of travel time = tiring.

In conclusion: Move the Heat closer to Hamilton and get the Hammies a healthy lineup and we’ll talk :D Seriously… I don’t know who to play :(

Players! Players! My kingdom for some players!!!

I’m kind of concerned how this team is going to go deep in the playoffs without having more skilled guys up front. Look, I don’t doubt for a second that this team can win games with the lineup the way it was when they played their last two games (which is… sans Pyatt, Maxwell, Russell, Patches, Anderson, Sanford).. but can they win series with that lineup? Well, Russell and Anderson should be back this week and I’m not worried about the goaltending necessarily. They were probably going to pick one goalie over the other… but you get what I”m saying, yes? Need more guys who can help put that little black disk thing into the back of the net. Also: need magic mushrooms or something to heal Sanford. And Carle. I want Carle. And Patches. I want Patches back too. And I want Neilson to take over Steve’s (Steeeveeee) old job (which is kind of Al’s job but on the road!).

Dare I ask…..?

Is over confidence going to be an issue? I have to ask this particularly in light of last year’s first round exist. I don’t think too many people saw them losing to the Griffins in the first round. I know this year is different. I know someone will end up setting fire alarms off across the city courtesy of smoke coming out his ears if they play a sloppy and uninspired game…. but… I have to ask because it’s my “job” to be the majorly insecure pessimist here (hey, it’s EP. Eternal Pessimist. Not EO. Eternal Optimist). They’ve run away with the division, they haven’t exactly run away with the conference, but they clinched it with relative ease. They will finish second over all in the whole flipping league. How can you not feel confident in that?! Can you get over-confident with that? Am I just being really insecure right now? Yes? Okay, I’ll shut up.

I actually had more thoughts…. but I can’t remember what they were now and I’m falling asleep. Math is tiring out my poor brain…. To sleep, perchance to dream of Hammies crushing the Moosies/Heat in the first round (gotta love misquoting Shakespeare).

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2 Responses to Random thoughts and bad math…

  1. DogsPA says:

    Schneider scares me. He went into God Mode on Tuesday. You could see it! I think he’s using cheat codes.

  2. It’s pretty clear to me that Schneider needs to come down with a bad cold that for the playoffs. Everyone gets sick now and then… nothing life threatening. Just a cold that will hamper his playing abilities enough for the Hammies to win :D

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