Quote of the Day: Coach = Simon Cowell :D

(I can’t help it if the Spec wants to write about him too. Just ignore the rest of the article. It’s filled with potential DoomsDay stuff).

From the Spec

Under his intense leadership that’s usually been more Simon Cowell than Paula Abdul, he drove the Bulldogs to a record 51 wins — so far — while building the league’s best defence and third-best offence. All with few stars.


Of course it spawned the following conversation from czechtacular and seventyeight:

czechtacular: WHY AM I PICTURING HIM WITH A BRITISH ACCENT SCOWLING AT PK “that was absolutely disgraceful.”

seventyeight: Except it’d be, “that was absolutely disgraceful, Mr. Subban.”

me: *is almost literally rolling around on the floor laughing at this point* I’m sort of picturing poor Flandersdude as the more awesome version of Ryan Seacrest at this point :D

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