(Not) Daily Q Freakout Post: Normalcy has returned

7-2 smack down of Mooski? Yeah, that’s more normal. Believe it or not though.. they were actually LOSING 30 minutes into the game. I figured it was high time I asked Matthew Dopud to epic fail so I did. And guess what? Don’t let anyone tell you that your wishes can’t be granted. Sean tied it up a few minutes later and then the third period was alllllll Volts. Like, try five goals in the third period (the first three all within a 6 minute span too). :)))) \o/ \o/ Capitaine Vachon got a shorty too :D

Byebye Olympiques! \o/They got swept (prediction = well…………I said “I really want to say four, but I’ll say five”……….. =/)

The Tigres….. swept the Remparts (SERIOUSLY?! Predictions = EPIC FAIL). I realize this is the Tigres way of saying “HEY! We’re here! HEY! Look at us!” but seriously.. o.<

Hoping the Wildcats lose tomorrow so my predictions can not be a total fail XD but I doubt it…. BOOOOOOOO =/


Just have to mention this because it’s like “!!!!!”…. The Spits won 3-2 (and swept the Plymouth Whalers). They outshot Plymouth 73-21. SEVENTY-THREE! O.O

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