(Not) Daily QMJHL Freakout post: ARGH

1. OMG. VOLTS JUST IMPLODED AND LOST. Omg. My. Is. Blown. So. Much. How do you lose after outshooting the opposition 42-21.  Freaking out MAJORLY *runs around freaking out* Why is this happening to me?!? WHY? Okay, so I’m just freaking out in general right now and I didn’t even listen to the game (grrr Hammies)… but yeah…. WHY?! And poor Philippe finally had another goal and nobody is gonna care…. :|

*curls up in a ball*

2. Remparts have almost officially messed up my playoff predictions. They lost 6-1 and can be swept tomorrow. Clearly I over-estimated the Remparts and their ability not to implode. Dear self, next time remember that they went to OT TWICE against Cape Breton as well as actually losing to them.

3. Whatever.. you know who didn’t fail tonight. The Wildcats and the SeaDogs both blew out the Huskies and the Olympiques. Whatever………..

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2 Responses to (Not) Daily QMJHL Freakout post: ARGH

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Damn, that was a shitty night of hockey… Habs, Hammies and Volts all lost?! :( (I know the Caps destroyed the Pens, but still…)


    I can NOT believe the amount of fail from last night… just can’t…. *wails*

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