Hammies vs Moosies (last time for now): gah

Period One

  • Oh poop. Cory “HammieKiller” Schneider is back….
  • HAHAHA….a fan apparently shouted “Hey, Koharski! How was it in Abbotsford?” Yeah, it’s Koharski reffing….
  • WHOOOO! Lacroix!!! 1-0!! When was the last time he scored?!?! Wait… he hasn’t? Seriously?
  • Go away Schneider…. Robbing Trotter is not allowed…. o.<
  • Why is Dusty Collins playing? I don’t approve.
  • Hmm yeah… Hammies playoff tix went on sale… I want some D: D: D: Actually, my grandmother is officially cheering for the Hammies now because I told her I’d be in Hamilton in May if they’re still in the playoffs (which they will be, right, guys?) and she wants to come and visit her relatives. So yeah, Hammies, my grandmother is cheering for you even though she doesn’t really know anything about you! :D
  • “You’re listening to Hamilton Bulldogs on Talk820….. *radio goes silent*” Ummm…. hello, radio??
  • Ah, we’re back just in time to hear Desbiens trying to take HunterBishop!’s ear off…. PP time.
  • We appreciate our goalie coming up with huge saves at the end of periods/games. Yes, we do. VERY MUCH :|

Period Two

  • A one goal lead isn’t pretty, Hammies….
  • Mind you, Lacroix smashing a Moosie is pretty ;)
  • “I guess he [Keane] was in the rocking chair last night”….. that’s not nice, Al XDD
  • ………. why all the penalties? WHY? WHY? You know you’re going to get burned on this sooner or later, right?!
  • argh… Wyman hits the post. THE POST.
  • PHEWWWWWW! Conboy is back! Okay. I guess all that stuff about him crawling off the ice to the dressing room stuff wasn’t as bad as it sounded….
  • Hammies sound like they’re about to go Playfair on Koharski for that roughing call on Henry….
  • Oh hey… A Hammie must be bleeding because a Moosie is getting a double minor for high-sticking. Can has goal for the Hammies soonish?
  • No? Oh well… we’ll wait until the third period… when we get even more PP time.
  • Hey… Flandersude – after taking a swipe at a certain coach – says that Benoit Groulx is “okay”. Benoit Groulx is NOT okay. He coaches the AMERKS. The Evil Empire of the AHL. ICK.

Third period

  • Okay, really, who keeps scheduling these periods to start when the radio is trying to play Coach’s interview? The first period interrupted the first part… and now the third period has interrupted more of it….Sheesh! Coach is talking, yo! Then again.. he could maybe say stuff in a more abbreviated fashion… but then he wouldn’t be Coach :( Grrr……..
  • WHAT IS WITH ALL THESE PENALTIES, GUYS?! (and yeah, I’m glaring at you too, Mr. Ref).
  • QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: “Where’s Jim Playfair when you need him?”
  • ………………….. 2-1.
  • I bet Gomez’ contract can’t buy the Hammies a goal at this point…. Grrr….
  • Maybe we can offer Ovie’s contract instead….
  • OMG. Seriously…. Schneider… we are not friends at all right now.
  • You know what? Now that we’re done playing the Moose, the Amerks and the Heat… I’ve decided I want to play the Heat in the playoffs :D I’ll probably change my mind once I wake up tomorrow… but right now I don’t want anything to do with the Moose.
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2 Responses to Hammies vs Moosies (last time for now): gah

  1. Shan says:

    I’ll be out of the country between April 23rd-May 9th, but if the Hammies are still fighting the good fight after that and if I can afford a playoff ticket, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon. Shame they lost though, I feel like I’m used to reading your summaries and it all turning out well in the end and the third period is usually happy and not full of irony iron. :/

  2. We are SO spoiled by this team. One loss and we’re freaking out majorly :D I feel a little calmer about it now but yeah….not too accustomed to this…. xD

    But YAAAAAAAY for you jumping on the bandwagon! They BETTER still be in the playoffs by the time you get back :D

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