(Not) daily QMJHL freakout post: VOLTS. VOLTS. VOLTS.

VOTLS WIN. Via shutout too. Obviously I missed it because I was busy fighting with my internet and yelling at the Hammies………… but yeah….. Yay for Jakey (even though I suspect that he was snoozing all night). That’s a bit more like the score I was expecting from them. My only complaint is that they had 50 SOG and only scored 3 times? EH? Either they were all fluffy shots or else Tremblay (yeah, not Dopud) was really solid. Anyway…The guy who will most likely take Lapierre’s job in the future had two (!) and CAPTAIN Vachon had one.

Anyway yeah, Volts win 3-0 and will now taking the looooooooong bus ride to Mooski.


SeaDogs are cooperating nicely with my playoff predictions. They won 7-2. Poor Olympiques….. NOT.

The Remparts are messing with my playoff predictions by losing 4-1. How can we have a six game series if they drop the first two games? I mean, technically we can still have a super long series… but seriously…. Fail. FAIL. FAIL. I wonder if Roy will blow up…. hmmm….. I will go Playfair if my predictions go wrong. YES I WILL.

Whatever.. dont’ care about the Wildcats winning in OT… meh….

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2 Responses to (Not) daily QMJHL freakout post: VOLTS. VOLTS. VOLTS.

  1. Grrrreg says:

    That’s 22 wins in a row now……….. o.O

    I just checked, the record in the whole CHL for most wins in a row is 25 (Sorel Eperviers 1973-74 and Kitchener Rangers in 83-84). This is pretty unbelievable.

  2. Does it count if it’s not all done in the regular season tho????


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