Hammies vs Moosies: I <3 this team. Even more.

Pre-game stuffs

  • Al: “Who is the better team? The 2002-2003 team or the 2009-2010 team?” Flandersdude: “Depends on what you mean by better.” Cue debate which ends with the 2002-2003 team being more talented but this team being a better team. And the 2006-2007 was better as a team than both. In the post season anyway. I <3 team just the same.
  • The Hammies are getting fed up with waiting around for the playoffs. Bring on the playoffs already, damnit……!
  • I had a dream in which PK gave Coach a giant chocolate bunny for Easter. It was hilarious. I think someone should just give him one right now. He sounds cranky about last night.

First period

  • Still laughing at my weird dreams….
  • Oh wait, we’ve started already?!? Hey guys, just reminding you (before I seriously tune into this game): sleeping through first periods has now been BANNED….
  • Hey Mr. Moosie goalie, you’re not Cory “HammieKiller” Schneider….. I remember you though…. you were part of the game in which the Hammies went Moosie hunting….
  • Wait! There’s a POPE playing for the Moosies?! A POPE? Am I the only one who finds that hilarious in light of the fact that we have HunterBishop! ??? (I would have just called HunterBishop! just by his last name but I have to call HunterBishop! “HunterBishop!”… because that’s his nickname around here).
  • Oh NOES. White is hurt. NONONONONONONO. Please be okay, White!!!!
  • So.. The Moosies hit their own goalie and then they hit Newbie like it was Newbie’s fault? pfft.
  • WHOOOOOOHOOOO! 1-0!!!!! I guess White is okay because that goal is either his or Conboy got it. Either way, White is okay! :D
  • It’s Conboy’s goal \o/
  • White just gave the puck away at least twice.. .luckily, he followed it up with some good defensive plays to bail himself out.
  • Speaking of bailing people out….. what was with all those Moosie shots at the end of the period?! o.<
  • Al: “I have to believe that Coach won’t have too much to complain about in that period… except for the last minute, maybe….”  Bagskate! I’m actually reminded of this from Elliotte Friedman:

Asked Alexander Radulov for his best Patrick Roy story. He laughed and came up with this one: “One year there, we set a Remparts record for most wins in a row. The first game we lost, he made us sit in the dressing room until the fans left the building. Then, he skated us for 40 minutes! We’d lost like one game in 14 or 15!”

Second period

  • Conboy has been great so far :)
  • Also… I like the Hammies when they’re not sleepy.
  • YAY!!!!! 2-0! Brrrrrrrrock Trrrrotter! \o/ He only needs three more today before he can tie or break some record. It’s not out of the realm of possibility, right? Right.
  • Wrong Maxwell (not that we even have our Maxwell)……………2-1……….. “It’s almost like the Bulldogs were still celebrating that last goal”…. *headdesk*
  • When was the last time David scored? I’m sure it was actually just the other day… butbutbutbut you know… another one couldn’t go amiss…..
  • YEAH! SEE HE LISTENS, YEAH.  DAAAAAAAAAVID. 3-1. Oh hey! Bff Gluuuu and Brrrrrrock get assists too :D :D
  • YO. That’s twice the the D has had to bail out Teddy.. o.<
  • Hey, PP coming up courtesy of the wrong Maxwell. Can has goal?
  • WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WEBER 4-1! AND HEY! David just tied some record for points with that assist, yo!
  • OMG. HUNTERBISHOP! WAS THAT YOU?!?!?!?!?!!!!?!!!!! YES IT WAS. 5-1. WHOO!
  • Al: “Coach can’t have much to complain about now…”  Let’s hope not.
  • HEY, Moosies, stop acting like goons…. seriously….. Why do all the teams in this division act like a pile of jerks when they’re losing?
  • ALSO: I hope you’re happy Moosies’ coaches right now. Coach didn’t put his top PP unit out there (just like he DIDN’T do last time).

Third period

  • YO. So David actually now breaks the record ^__________^
  • Get lost, Moosies. You stink. Trying to hurt Weber is not cool…At least Vernace is like “I’m gonna smack a Moosie!”
  • Guh. Patches has left the game…. Saying upper body stuff again….. D: D: D:
  • Meep. Meep. Why so many penalties? Okay, so my idea of “a lot” is two… but it feels like a looooooot more…
  • Booooooooooooooooo………….. 5-2…………
  • So… Brrrrrock has tied Chimera’s record now (which David just broke)? Also David is like, one assist away from tying something else… And they will get the record for most points in a season… and I think Weber just tied something…. and Teddy too…. Man, that poor record book……  :D
  • VICTORY! I quit trying to figure out who broke what records and all that. Ya’ll ROCK =)))))
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