Hammies vs Amerks: Fail shootout! BOO. Oh and they’re officially first in the conference.

Pre-game stuffs

  • Why do I bother writing this part out? I think we all know what you-know-who is going to say about how the last minute of the last game went. Speaking of you-know-who.. I wonder if Coach SweaterVest was stealing lecture notes last night…. I mean they did come out flying in OT after being sleepy in the third……
  • Excuse me. The Amerks held the Bears off the scoreboard for HOW many minutes last night? (50something). Do tell me that this meant that the Bears were hibernating last night. DO TELL ME THIS. *goes off into a rant about the stupid Amerks*

Period One

  • ….. who’s being sleepy right now????! Why are the SOG on 6-1 for the AMERKS?!?! o.<
  • And WHAT is that music they are playing? Reminds if that random country thingy they used in some horror flick… anyone know what I’m talking about here? Yes? No? Maybe?
  • Oh hey.. it’s not Salak in nets… hmmm…. [friend says: “Boooo Salak. Just for fun anyway”]
  • It’s Trip Gluu Day.
  • While we’re waiting for them to fix the ice, we’re now being a typical bunch of Canadians and talking about the weather. Apparently it was super warm in Hamilton. Like 27. I swear it was that here. Man, it was sooooo hoooooooooooot….
  • Wait, Plante’s name is pronounced “Plawnt” (as opposed to “plant”)? So now I don’t feel bad for French-izing his name every time I see it.
  • Ooof…. the ice is coming apart in Copps Coliseum…. Like literally. Apparently the ref guy is walking around with a huge chunk of the stuff in his hand. The mental image of this is hilarious though… (most things are hilarious when I picture them. Go figure).
  • No goals.

Second period

  • dhakjdhkasjdhaskjd 1-0……..
  • *HEADDESK* 2-0.
  • Remember when the Hammies got destroyed by.. was it the Stars? I don’t because I was stunk on a train in-between Kingston and Montreal. But yeah. Do. Not. Want. A. Repeat. Of. That.
  • Hey wait…. can they clinch the conference tonight? Or get within a point of doing it? or something? Is this why they stink? Seriously…
  • OH HELLO. AND THEY SCOOOOOOOOOORE 2-1! DANY! And HunterBishop! got a point! YES.
  • grrrrrrrrrrr this is going to be one of THOSE games………………………………………………….3-1.
  • dashakjhdkajsh DAVID! 3-2!!!!!!!
  • Ugh internet went down and now I don’t know what’s happening……..I’m going to take a wild guess and say the score is still the same or worse. I could go check out the score online, I guess. But I”m afraid my internet will go Playfair on me so I’m not….
  • Yup. Score is the same. The period is over and I know someone is getting a lecture right now. Onto the third!

Third period

  • My internet is behaving like Playfair so I decided to go Torts on it. Yeah, I’m chucking waterbottles at the comp. I’m sure in this case Torts would win. I’m sure of it. Waterbottling ftw!
  • Right, Hammies are throwing the puck at Plante now. Good. Good. Good.
  • Yo… this is the wrong end of the rink now…. THE OTHER WAY GUYS.
  • How many times did you say the Hammies missed the net? Seems like an in-ordinate amount of times….
  • Just about as many times as they’ve hit the post tonight. GAH. You were close PK! =/
  • It’s Randomly Clobber Trotter Well After The Whistle Blows  Day….
  • and it’s still 3-2. ACK. ACK. ACK. ACK.
  • Have the Hammies EVER won when being down a goal going into the third? I’m thinking the answer is YES, but I’m thinking that this isn’t common because usually when they’re down into the third it means they’re not doing well….
  • Hammies need Eberle right now…. Or someone who wants to pull an Eberle-esque or Sean-esque goal right now. Time’s running out, guys… !
  • Hey, hey, Hammies just clinched the conference =)  Now win the game or else you-know-who won’t be happy ;)


  • Internet decided to go down during OT…  Uhuh… So I missed it all and now we’re going to a freaking shootout…


  • Do not have a good feeling about this…
  • Goalies are waiting. Puck’s there. And there’s nobody to to shoot the puck. Hello?
  • okay, PK needs to do something new in the shootout……
  • GAH. Fail shootout. Why do we fail at this? o.<

This spoiled Hammies fan is not overly pleased at the moment :) That’s okay. I’ve got JARO AND HIS OTHER SHUTOUT to make me happy ;) oh and the Marlies have officially been eliminated from the playoffs. =)

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2 Responses to Hammies vs Amerks: Fail shootout! BOO. Oh and they’re officially first in the conference.

  1. Number31 says:

    Can a certain Hamilton billionaire fix the ice at Copps before he thinks he can bring an NHL team there?

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