(Not) daily Q freakout post: random prediction time

Figured I’d try not to look like an idiot this time and actually post these playoff predictions before you know, they actually get underway.

SeaDogs vs not-sexy Olympiques – I’ve been denied some poetic justice in this match up, so the least I can hope for at that the SeaDogs will crush the Olympiques anyway. SeaDogs will win in.. I really want to say four, but I’ll say five.

Voltigeurs vs …whatever Mooski’s name is – Volts in five… I know the Volts have a good record versus Mooski but somehow Mooski’s slugfest in the previous round makes me feel like they’re capable of eking out a win.

Remparts vs Tigres – battle of the yucky teams. Victoriaville in six. A seven game series filled with double it’s would be preferable though :(

Huskies vs Wildcats – Wildcats in five. Because that number just feels right xP going with intuition and not on any facts whatsoever!

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