Your (not) daily QMJHL playoff freakout post

Juniors vs Olympiques tonight. Game seven. Juniors had a chance to put the Olympiques away twice now and they haven’t done it. Third time’s the charm? Or is the momentum all with the not-sexy Olympiques (considering they did win the last two to force a game seven)? I don’t know and I’m already freaking out.

Actually, what really has me freaked out is this:

Do you see that? Do you realize what that means?! No? Allow me to bore you to death and explain:

The SeaDogs are seeded first. The Volts are seeded second. The SeaDogs will play the 8th seeded team, while the Volts will get the 7th seeded team.

If Rimouski wins, they will be seeded 7th and they will play the Volts. The winner of the Olympiques/Juniors game will be seeded 8th and will get the (dis)pleasure of playing the SeaDogs.

BUT! If the Cucumbers win… they will be seeded 8th and will play the SeaDogs while the winner of the Olympiques/Juniors game will be seeded 7th and will play the VOLTS.


If the Juniors and the Cucumbers win, the Juniors will play the Volts.


Do you know how AWKWARD that series would be? How insanely agonizing it would be? It would be all like “Omg YAY baby Habs! OMG poor Bearoobee! OMG JAKE. OMG COACH SWEATERVEST!!!!!! *dies*”

Please, Mooski, I know we didn’t get along in the least this year, but please beat the Cucumbers. For everyone’s sanity.

Of course if the Olympiques beat the Juniors, it doesn’t matter what  Mooski does…. =p


In other news….

I find it hilarious that Victoriaville and Moncton are seeded 6th and 5th when in reality they’re the 4th and 3rd best teams in the league. This is what happens when you give the top places to the division winners…. it’d be kinda nice if Moncton and Victoriaville knocked off Rouyn-Noranda and Quebec to we could have the top four teams seeded actually seeded 1,2,3,4.

I’m going to sit back and hope that Victoriaville and Quebec beat the stuffing out of each other in their series. I want an epically long series there =)

And yeah, whatever Moncton…. have fun beating up Rouyn-Noranda. I don’t care about this series at all :|

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7 Responses to Your (not) daily QMJHL playoff freakout post

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Yeah I saw that there was a possible death matchup between your teams there…

    Well that will prepare you for the upcoming Habs-Capitals series.

    (I’m kidding I’m kidding! don’t worry, we won’t face the Caps. The Pens, on the other hand… I’m kidding again, I’m kidding again! We’ll get a perfectly acceptable matchup against the Sabres or the Devils…)

  2. Shan says:

    I’m not opposed to seeing Caps-Canadiens. I know it’ll be a nightmare for EP. But c’mon, the matchup itself would be a little bit awesome, wouldn’t it? Ovechkin at the Bell Centre in the playoffs?

    In terms of the Habs chances, it’ll be really hard no matter who they face.

  3. Grrreg – Wait, so you saw this coming and you didn’t mention it? I only realized it last night right before I went to sleep…. Of course then I couldn’t sleep because I have no idea what I’m going to do if Coach Sweatervest’s team comes here. *SOBS*

    RE: Habs/Caps. No. Bloody. Way.

    It would be exciting, but no… I can’t deal with the thought of that. Nope. Can’t. We’re not going to play the Caps.

    Nope. We had this discussion on All Habs. The Habs are going to go and finally down Chubby Marty and the Devils in the playoffs. ’cause it’s that or we get out-coached by Lindy Ruff and the Sabres (or out-goalied by Crunchy) or we get annihilated by the Penguins (maybe THEN people will see the light and finally hate those awful flightless birds).

    Wouldn’t you all rather see the Caps demolish the Bruins? That’s like, a dream come true for me.

  4. Shan says:

    You don’t like penguins?! The animals themselves?!

    !!! ME TOO!!! I can’t stand them!

    P.S. I’d rather see the Thrashers steal the Boo-ins playoff spot.

  5. Grrrreg says:

    Wait, so you saw this coming and you didn’t mention it?

    Yeah, I thought it wasn’t necessary to worry you with this bit of info! :P

    I’d rather see the Thrashers steal the Boo-ins playoff spot.

    I’m torn about the Bruins. On the one hand I want the Thrashers to steal their playoff spot, but on the other hand, I’d LOVE to see Boston get destroyed by the Caps.

    Regarding the Habs, I don’t want a series against the Pens or the Devils. So I kinda hope it’ll be the Sabres, even with Miller. (and if it HAS to be the Caps, actually, I think they’d have a small chance. They’ve played relatively well against them this season. And Theodore coming back to Montreal for the playoffs has some comedic potential)

  6. Shan – nononono I like the animals :D

    Grrreg – You could have saved me a sleepless night if you had told me earlier…… =/

    I want to see the Booins get destroyed. It would SOOOO atone for last year :D

    And I wish people would stop pointing out that we’ve done well against the Habs. The Oilers are apparently 3-0 against the Wings this year. Means nada. The Caps will kill the Habs if they meet up *nods*

    Although it seems that every time I defend Jose and the Caps, they collectively fail. Like right now…. Stupid Caps….

  7. Shan says:

    The Sens essentially won the game on the power play. The Habs, on the other hand, don’t have a power play. The Caps won’t have a problem.

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