5 Things

  1. IceDogs lost to the 67s yesterday. I’m not too cut up because they played really well in this series against what was supposed to be a much better team. The IceDogs fans who went to The Cave behaved like any good away crowd should when in Ottawa: They out cheered the home crowd even though there were about hundred of them to.. what I’m told was a few thousand 67s fans. Quote of the day goes to Chuck or Ted (I can never remember which play by play guy is which): “In case you’re wondering about the ambiance in Scotiabank Place for a OHL game… there isn’t one.” He then basically called the place a cave. I officially love the IceDogs play by play guys. Even if I can’t remember who is who (it’s okay.. I still don’t know the names of the guys who do the Juniors games).
  2. Mr. Owner of the Hammies, I don’t approve of all this talk about Laval. I know there’s a lot of “ifs”, “ands” and “buts”, but seriously… I’m going to ignore everything about the Hammies moving for the next three years, okay? Good.
  3. So the Gazette had this thing about the CWHL the other day… I thought it was a good idea to bring up the issues that surround women’s hockey (mainly that there aren’t as many opportunities for women to play at high levels and they don’t get paid to do it). RDS actually ran the final (sadly not featuring the Stars) last night. It was pretty good =) What’s not good is that I can’t find any mention of it in the Gazette this morning…. I saw MMA stuff (barf), I saw something on Clara Hughes (YAY) and I saw loads of stuff about soccer (BarfManUBarf)… but no CWHL =( This makes me super sad and if I wasn’t going off to the middle of a field next year with only a junior triple a team as the nearest (read: not that close) team, I’d go see the Montreal Stars play.
  4. I wish I cared about the CIS final… it was on TV too… but I can’t when my default university team to cheer for got knocked out before. So myeh…. I’m only mentioning to further show my displeasure that my default team failed…
  5. Oh and…. I have guest this week:

His name is Mikey (at least that’s what they dubbed him on the spot when asked what his name was. I think he looks more like a Curtis). He’s my Passover fish. No, I’m not going to eat him! Nononononono, some pretty conservative Jewish friends of the family own Mikey and they can’t keep him in their house because his food isn’t kosher for Passover. Or something like that. So Mikey’s going to stay with us for a while \o/

EDIT: Have to add this from puckdaddy:

Phoenix Business Journal confirms through two of its sources, unnamed: “The National Hockey League is working on a backup plan with Toronto billionaire David Thomson and Winnipeg-based True North Sports and Entertainment that could send the Phoenix Coyotes back to Canada if a deal with Ice Edge Holdings or Jerry Reinsdorf to keep the team in Arizona falls through.” So is this just more Glendale lease posturing? If not, when does the war between Winnipeg, the NHL, Southern Ontario and Quebec City begin, exactly?

Reaction number 1) there’s billionaire in Canada not named Balsillie? Huh. Go figure. Reaction number 2) the not-Laval Hammies approve of these rumors. Kick the Moosies out of Mooseville instead! (and bring them closer to us so we don’t have to stay up late listening to Moosies/Hammies games in Moosieville).

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14 Responses to 5 Things

  1. Shan says:

    Hah. Mikey’s adorable. I wish I had a Passover Fish. I didn’t realize non-kosher pet food was an issue, since they’re not eating it. Interesting.

    Re: Laval. I was going to ask you about that… if they move 1) wouldn’t you be happy to be able to attend more games? 2) Would you still call them the Hammies? (I say yes).

    StalactiteBank Place.

  2. Grrrreg says:

    Wow, non kosher fish food is not even allowed in the house?? o.O

    I knew that there were some pretty random rules to follow for very religious Jews, but that’s a little extreme! I wonder if Cammalleri lent his fish to his neighbours too. :)

    And about the Dogs possibly moving in a few years, I think I would keep on calling them the Hammies.

  3. RE: Passover Fish. Yup! For really conservative Jews anything that has grains in it (plus other stuff. Some sects of Judaism don’t eat seeds/legumes/etc as well) is not allowed in the house during Passover even if the people themselves aren’t eating it. They’ll thoroughly clean their houses out to make sure there aren’t crumbs left and everything. Technically speaking they had to give us the fish. They’re not even allowed to own the stuff during Passover. So he really is mine for the week :D

    I doubt Squishy would have to give his pet fish to his non-Jewish friends. He can’t be that religious if he’s playing hockey on Saturdays :D :D :D

    RE: Hammies in Laval… 1) as much as it would be nice to see them live more often, I don’t want them in the middle of this crap that surrounds the Habs. And they would be part of it. I don’t want that for them. Also, I’m selfish and I want to keep the Hammies to myself… there, I admitted it. 2) if did they move, I’d still call them the Hammies of course :)

    • Grrrreg says:

      If the fish is yours, you should sell it back to them! ;D

      About the Hammies, I think the Habs are perfectly aware of that issue. I can’t remember where or when, but I think I remember reading a quote from someone in the habs organization saying that they thought Hamilton was good because it wasn’t too far and yet it was far enough from the media and the fans. Well, they didn’t say it like that, but that was the idea.

  4. Awwww, I wouldn’t sell poor Mikey back to them :D

    And yeah, I do hope the Habs are aware of this and they support the idea of keeping their team FAR AWAY from here. STAY AWAY HAMMIES. STAY AWAY =(

  5. Shan says:

    re: Edit. Saw that last week and got excited. Yeah, if Phoenix comes back to the Peg, it’ll be amazing! The all new Jets! Wojtek (my onetime classmate) Wolski back in Canada! Bryzgalov! But most importantly a restored seventh Canadian team, and hey, they’re pretty damn good!

  6. Shan says:

    and I once posted this on my Facebook:

  7. LOL.

    Do you read Down Goes Brown? Got a link in the sidebar. Check out the video about the NBC “promo”. The bit about the Winnipeg Jets/Phoenix Coyotes is hilarious XD (favorite bit is of course the bit about the Vancouver Canucks).

  8. Shan says:

    Hahaha that was amazing.

    This is old, but compare the keep-the-Jets-in-Winnipeg rally to the keep-the-Coyotes-in-Phoenix rally:

  9. Hahaha, well, you can post the other one here too :D

    No offense to the good fans in Phoenix (and there are some. TSN just decided to show the moronic ones *kicks all moronic fans off the face of the planet*) but I think Montreal had a bigger turnout for the “Keep Kovy in Montreal” rally… o.<

    But anyway…. Yeah….. I’m going to go back to laughing at that video….

  10. Shan says:

    What other one?

    Hah, yeah. If they can’t gather more than a few hundred who want to save their team from relocation, they won’t be able to sustain a team down the stretch.

    P.S. I emailed you last week when I was bored, but I didn’t write anything in the email, please excuse my inanity.

  11. Shan says:

    And on the subject of fun hockey videos, I present to you:


    and some more emotion from the man:

    I gotta say, I like those Swedes.

  12. I meant the Down Goes Brown vid :D

    Re email: don’t worry about it. I haven’t actually checked those emails recently xD

    Re Hank the Cranky Goalie: First off, I think MSG was trying to out-do Philly in the “Crosby Sucks” chant. Didn’t quite make it though. Second,I’m not sure what was more hilarious. Hank swearing or the CBC guys not being able to bleep it out properly… xD

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