Video of Coach EpicMeltDown’s epic melt down :D

What would we ever do with youtube?

Ignore the homer Heat play by play guys. They’re homers and they’re mean. And cover your eyes when Sanford goes down. It’s not pretty.Then laugh hysterically at Coach EpicMeltDown’s epic melt down. And then laugh at the Heat because they’re yucky team.

My dream playoff matchup would see the Heat and the Amerks beating each other  up…. *nods*

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4 Responses to Video of Coach EpicMeltDown’s epic melt down :D

  1. Number31 says:

    Are the Heat in the playoffs? What a douchebag team (sorry Mini-Big Latendresse but your new team sucks).

    Having Koharski there though is KARMA for all those games the ref allowed the Heat to goon up the Bulldogs.

  2. Yeah, the Heat are holding down 3rd in the division, I think, so they’d play the Amerks and the Hammies would get the Moosies (and Cory “HammieKiller” Schneider).

    Totally karma that it was Koharski. I almost felt a bit bad for him between Coach EpicMeltdown and the idiotic “fans”… But then I remembered that it was pretty much his fault that the guys didn’t at least tie the game up against the Bingy Sens back in November… so then I stopped feeling bad for him :D

  3. Number31 says:

    Actually that was the other Koharski… THERE ARE TWO! (His uncle).
    But being a shitty ref runs in the family.

  4. THERE ARE TWO OF THEM? o_____________O

    Damnit, I just assumed it was all just one guy epic failing…. GREAT. There’s a whole pack of them epic failing. SPREAD THE FAIL AROUND WHY DON’T YOU D:

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