The road trip that I’m NOT making

So the Juniors failed to put away the Olympiques last night. Cue massive sobs. Well, okay, maybe not massive. It’s really not all that bad. They have a chance to kick them out tonight (and if THAT fails, there’s always a game seven). Their fail last night means that they will be back in Hell Hull tonight to take another stab at the not-sexy-Olympiques. Sadly, I epic failed on this too because if I had known that they would be in Hell Hull tonight, I would have made a road trip out of it because… My IceDogs will also be at The Cave tomorrow afternoon. Because Hell Hull is next to Ottawa, which isn’t really all that far off from the field in which The Cave is, it would have made for a half decent road trip.

But alas, it’s not to be…. still, that isn’t going to stop me from giving you all the details about how the road trip WOULD have gone  (it’s a slow day and I’m still trying to wake up after staying up for that Hammies-game).

So first off, if I was going, I would get out my trusty map:

As you can see, going to Olympiques-Land requires driving through the wilds of Ontario. I hear there are hostile Leafs fans in the area still. Apparently the Senators didn’t do a good enough job boring them to death. Not to fear though, we would ward off the Leafs fans with garlic and Habs keychains!

Upon arriving in Hull, the Olympiques would fall over. Not dead, but more like totally overcome but the left-over garlic. The Juniors would be immune from it because… they just would be. The Juniors and Bearoobee would be handed the victory and then they could go home and prepare to face the SeaDogs (unless of course the Cucumbers upset Mooski in which case they will get demolished by the SeaDogs instead and the Juniors would get…. the Volts. Gulp).

After the Olympiques game, we would then head out to The Cave. The Cave is situated in a field so of course we would bring our trusty tent and pitch it outside The Cave:

Normally, the 67s play within the confines of the City of Ottawa, but someone thought it would be a good idea to play out in the Cave. At least they have great camping sites!

Because The Cave is so far out, many 67s fans won’t be in attendance. Thus, The Cave will look exactly like it did when I was there to see the Bingy Sens/Hammies back in November:

Cue crickets chirping

The lack of noise will disorient and confuse the 67s. The IceDogs will be magically immune to this too because they’re special. And their goalie’s name doesn’t look like “Penguin”. Mark Visentin and the IceDogs will win the game and then they will go on to win the next two and take the series \o/

And that would be the end of a very awesome road trip. If I was going. But I’m not. Boo.

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2 Responses to The road trip that I’m NOT making

  1. Shan says:

    Boo. Yeah, the MTL-OTT road trip is usually pretty doable. Hey! Maybe they’ll lose and be back for game 6! Then you won’t feel so bad about missing out on the trip.

  2. Yeah, it’s really doable in theory. Oh well, it’s a good thing I stayed home. My Hammies won and the Juniors lost 4-1. Game 7 will be back here on… I don’t know when actually…. Poop.

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