Hammies vs Heat: Yay! *curls up and goes to sleep*

Pre-game stuff

  • Yeah, yeah, I had to look up who scored the GWG goal in the Calder Cup final…. I’m one of those people who haven’t been a Hammies fan for very long. Yeah, yeah… RUB IT IN WHY DON’T YOU? :D
  • So… no Pyatt (he’s making the Panthers lives miserable), no Maxwell (he’s getting to know the press-boxes well), no Patches (he’s injured), no Anderson (he’s still concussed), no Belle (he’s got some issue), no White (he’s been suspended for one game)… who am I missing here? Other than Carle… and Neilson….Who do we have that can play then? Do we need to put Teddy or Sanford in as a defenceman/forward?
  • I should have done a Brock Trotter drinking game during the Moosies games. I think everyone has mentioned that he’s from Brandon :D Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have had a drinking game. I would have been flat out drunk then!
  • It’s official: the Swiss like things to be perfect. Coach said so. So it MUST be true :D
  • More talking about the PP. We’re keeping things simple (ie don’t miss the open net!!!!!!!!)
  • We like HunterBishop! \o/

First period

  • *yawns* alrighty, let’s see how long I can last…. it’s already 20 to 11:00…… *sobs*
  • GLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! 1-0. Cue the Flandersdude Goal Call Alarm Clock :D
  • *waives to Ajay* we’ll pretend I was around when you scored that goal and that I’m super happy to hear you. I mean, I’m not not happy… I like guest people. But yeah….
  • ANYWAY…. why am I thinking that Jaffray is some type of HammieKiller? I’m pretty sure I’m getting him confused with Taffe…… and yet, I’m still thinking that Jaffray is a HammieKiller. Prove me wrong, Jaffray and be a total not-HammieKiller.
  • Gotta be honest… my enthusiasm for fights – uhh wait, I had enthusiasm for fights? – got killed majorly by this thingy I just watched about fighting…. Still, I do appreciate how Henry sticks up for his teammates. You don’t run PK when Henry’s around *shakes head*
  • I could use another Flandersdude Goal Call Alarm Clock…… *yawns*
  • #$%^&*! Don’t hurt Russell! $%^&. !@#$%. HE BETTER BE OKAY.

First period intermissiony thingy because I can.

  • Ajay said Flandersdude suit thingy is powder blue….. Apparently it’s grey….. or at least that’s what Flandersdude is saying…..
  • Um Ajay… no… you can’t wear an AC Milan shirt. That’s just ewwwwwwwwww =(
  • See, I remember Steve *nods*I remember Steve being an awesome colour-guy *nods*
  • Wow. I never noticed how much Steve sounds like Bob. Like, I don’t mean the way he talks (because we all know that Steve talks like Bob). I mean he SOUNDS like Bob. Okay, so it’s not abundantly obvious.. but you can HEAR it.
  • Noooooo bad Flandersdude… don’t mention Bob leaving….. /o\
  • In all honesty, I missed the finer bits of what he said because I was too busy trying to make everyone understand why I’m so happy to hear STEVE. Apparently I’m the only one who wanted to keep him as colour-commentator-guy-on-the-road…..
  • STEVE. Why aren’t we hiring you to be on the Hammies radio?! WHY? WHY?
  • *sniffles* byebye Steve!

Second period

  • So we have….16 players now……….?
  • Dysfunctional PP time.
  • …. that was dysfunctional. Boo.
  • Stop talking about the SOG for the Heat. You are just ASKING for trouble. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….
  • Damnit. 1-1. (TOLD YOU). Also… that is one of the ugliest goal horns in the world. UGH. Stupidabbotsfordandstupidpowerplayandstupidgoalhorn….
  • Hammies, we’re getting a 5 on 3…………
  • Positive thought: they’re not missing the half empty nets. Negative thought: there haven’t been any half empty nets to shoot  at.
  • Super Teddy to the rescue! \o/
  • I’m sleep blogging right now… Yes, I’m typing this with my eyes closed…
  • ………this is turning into one of those second periods of ick for the Hammies……..

Third Period…..

  • if we don’t get anything here it’s ’cause I fell asleep for real…
  • before I try to stay awake for the rest of this period.. that was the SECOND time that Flandersdude reminded me that I wasn’t a Hammies fan in 2007. Rub it in some more why don’t you? =(
  • ……… PK time……….
  • As my brain is shutting down, it’s wondering if it’s been screwing up Desjardins’ name all this time….My brain had decided that even if it is wrong, it doesn’t matter. Nobody knows who I’m talking about anyway and I make a blogging “career” out of messing up/making up names for people. So nyah!!!! Although I swear I didn’t mix up a T and a C… the consonants are very different….like.. it’s not even funny how not-similar they are. It’s not like a B and a P or a K and a G. T and C are DIFFERENT.  Maybe it’s all these toothless hockey players who are messing up these consonants? You need teeth to say “T” properly. Just ask Ian Laperriere.
  • Right. Linguistic lesson over. Where are we in this game now? Oh PP time. Can has goal? I won’t stay awake for OT or a shootout….Not “won’t” as in I’ll shut it off…. “won’t” as in I’m about to fall flat on my face…….
  • Weber hits the post…. FAT POSTS NEED TO GO ON A DIET.
  • Easy for you to tell me to stay awake, Ajay….. o.<
  • Fatigue appears to only be a factor for the fans who don’t live on the west coast…….as opposed to the team being tired……..
  • ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz………………….
  • Empty net……….. Not saying anything.
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