Hammies vs Heat (again): Crash. Boom. Ouch. We still win.

Pre-game stuffs

  • Why yes, it did take me the better part of the day to wake up from staying up last night. Clearly all the tea in my house does not contain as much caffeine as I would like it to have………
  • I know franchise records don’t mean a lot… but damn, it’d be nice to get a couple more tonight. All we need is a wiiiiiiin.
  • AIE AIE AIE Russell’s “face was basically destroyed last night”. But apparently he’s been doing better…. Poor Ryan D: D: D: D:

First period

  • Conboy just ran over the Heat goalie…. Ooooff….
  • Hey…. just because Conboy ran over the Heat goalie doesn’t mean the rest of you guys have to stay away from him. Puck needs to go the other way, please…
  • Fight…. meh….
  • Oh for crying out loud…. someone tell the Heat that Weber doesn’t fight….. o.<
  • OH? We’re getting a PP out of this? Whoo!
  • WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! PK!!!!!  1-0!!!!!! And that Day-HAR-nay dude keeps getting assists too…..
  • FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Even the Heat’s goalie is a jerk ….Back off the Hammies and stop punching PK.
  • Ehhhhh…. Koharski……..grrrrr……Hammies should have gotten a PP or five out of that. Of course I’m being a homer.
  • Another fight?! Okay, seriously, Hammies… you are a lot better than this. Stop it. I’m going to get mad at you now.
  • And now Henry is getting an extra penalty…
  • and now White is going to the box. Argh….
  • You know what? I hope the Heat get the Amerks in the playoffs. I know the Moosies are more talented and they have Cory “HammieKiller” Schneider, but they’re not as dirty as the Heat. I’d prefer it if the Amerks and Heat beat the crap out of each other.
  • Hey, there’s a guy yelling at Koharski…. Like, yelling REALLY loudly. Like, we could have a problem if he decides to start swearing :D

Second period

  • CRAP. Sanford is going to the hospital for x-rays. Right now he’s got a twisted ankle, but if they’re going for x-rays it could be worse….. PLEASE BE OKAY SANFORD =(
  • Watt just ran over Teddy and now Henry is ready to kill Watt. Not literally of course.
  • Ohhhhh Watt is going to get tossed from the game. Yay!
  • WOW. WTF IS THAT? Their coach is going berserk…. I don’t think Torts goes this insane (at least I’ve never seen him if he has…. WOW…. No wonder this team plays like a bunch of idiots….
  • Their coach getting kicked out of the game now \o/ PP coming up!
  • Drunk guy who’s STILL yelling at Koharski…. you’re an idiot and you’re making me think that most of the people in this building are idiots.
  • I can’t believe I’m DEFENDING Koharski at this point… o.<
  • More Heat to the box…
  • BRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOCK TRRRRRRRROOTTTER! not a PP goal, but a goal nonetheless! 4-0.
  • I wonder if these fans are really cheering for the Heat… how can people who live so close to the Canucks actually be fans of the Baby Flames??
  • at least the Heat have stopped trying to take runs at my team….

Third period

  • Wait… the Hammies only had three shots on goal in the second period??? o.O They had two goals so who cares….
  • Fans back to whining…
  • These guys should just do what the guys in Drummondville did. They put a five dollar bill in the glass (it didn’t work, but yeah, the thought was there).
  • Um Koharski…. we’re not friends any more. You just send Newbie off to the box for getting clobbered.
  • Oh but now you’re sending the French Marshmallow’s brother to the box for goaltender interference \o/
  • Damnit… the fan is back and has gone back to yelling at Koharski… now there’s a crying kid…. What is wrong with this place?
  • We want that seven letter word that begins with an S and ends with a T. Sherbet!

Okay… Sanford’s ankle isn’t broken or fractured. But it’s definitely sprained so he’s definitely gone for a while. Hello Mayer……I hope you’re ready to start warming those benches……… :| (WAIT. CAN WE EVEN CALL UP MAYER IF HE WASN’T ON THE CLEAR DAY ROSTER? ARE WE JUST TOTALLY MESSED UP FOR GOALIES NOW? Actually… totally messed up would be the Flyers/Phantoms/Whoever Their ECHL Team is….. BUT STILL)

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2 Responses to Hammies vs Heat (again): Crash. Boom. Ouch. We still win.

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Wow, I’ve just seen the video of the Heat coach going crazy… o_O
    Now I understand why Flandersdude couldn’t believe i!

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