/o\ and \o/

The Petes got eliminated tonight. Cue sobbing. And copious amounts of tissue. And more sobbing. And more tissue. And.. yeah… okay…. I saw this coming….. but yeah… So sad *sobs*


ICEDOGS WIIIIIIIIIIIN. ICEDOGS WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN. THEY’RE GOING TO A GAME FIVE. I REALLY WANT TO DRAFT MARK VISENTIN. PLEASE? PLEASE? PLEASE?  And apparently it’s going to be in the Cave too. Why am I not going to this game? WHY? WHY? WHY? Not that I like the Cave. But I like the IceDogs, yes? Yes.

Speaking of playoffs… the Volts are selling tickets for round 2 already….. I reaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllyyyyyyy want to see them too *sobs* One day I will find a way to teleport to games!!!! (and teleport money to pay for playoff games!).

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2 Responses to /o\ and \o/

  1. Shan says:

    Niagara IceDogs? The former MISSISSAUGA IceDogs? Why are you a fan of them?!

  2. The very same! \o/

    I am a fan for the same reason I am a fan of the Petes: They have (umm actually had) a goalie in the Habs organization. Sadly, Simila was traded to Barrie (BOOOO) and was then sent back to Finland. But by the time that happened, I decided I hated the Barrie Colts they’re in the same division as the IceDogs) and it didn’t seem right to switch from watching the delightful but very faily IceDogs for the evil and not-faily Colts. Also, the Colts don’t wear red so they weren’t a viable option at all.

    I do love Mark Visentin though and I hope the Habs or someone awesome (ie not a fail team) picks him up this year =)

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