CHL playoffs: \o/ \o/ \o/

SO! I wasn’t going to post this.. but it was full of win (unlike a very,very, very, very faily NHL game) and we like to talk about stuff that makes us happy rather than stuff that makes us sad so…..

The Volts did what I wanted the Volts to do: They kicked the MAINEiacs and wrapped up the series. On paper it looks great. 5-2 is a decent score between these two teams, yeah? I guess. But considering the fact that the Volts score four of them in the third period and had to come back from behind in the game….. Yeah…. Not impressed with that. Also not impressed with Desnoyers game misconduct at the beginning of the game. I was pleased with Blanchard tying the game on the *gasp* PP in the third period though. And I was pleased to see Landry and Palat getting goals (Palat got his on the PP). And yeah, Gabriel had a goal (whatever, Gabriel. That’s like what,  your fifth goal?). I seem to have missed a little scrum which had three guys getting kicked out and a few others getting sent to the box – including Philippe. For reals, Philippe? What are you doing getting into scrum stuff? That’s Gabriel’s job! Looks like it could have been total war out there. Oh well… That’s the last of the MAINEiacs for this year so we can all celebrate that! \o/

AND THE JUNIORS. Okay, I didn’t exactly say it, but I did kind of express doubt as to whether they would win tonight. Well, the good news it that they won. Yeah, they like to spite me. Whatever. Sounded really whacky too. It went like this: David Stich scoress on the PP. Cue cheering because the Stich is back and the Juniors have been doing well on the PP! Kindl scores on the PP. Cue booing because the Olympiques have been a lot better on the PP in this series. Stich scores! Cue cheering because we’re up 2-1 after 1! Parkes scores in the second period! Cue cheering because it’s the only goal of the second period! Beaton (Beaton?) scores. Cue booing because it was a shorty for the Olympiques. Brenton scores! Cue cheering because it’s also a shorty for the right team! It’s also the game winner. YAY. !

Juniors have a chance to say byebye to the Olympiques for the rest of the season on Friday =)

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