Hammies vs Moosies (again, yes): SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Pre-game stuffs

  • Better execution = functional PP.
  • HunterBishop! gets to play because I seem to have missed Anderson getting injured last night after taking a hit to the head (!).
  • No Pyatt. No Maxwell. No Patches. That’s a whole line we’re missing. And Dany’s hurt but he’s playing because… because.
  • Cory “Hammie Killer” Schneider = good, but if Hammies hadn’t kept hitting the posts they would have got more goals (ie the posts in Moosieville need to go on a diet).

First period

  • That was quick. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrock Trrrrrrrrrrrotter!!!!!!!!! 1-0! And I need to start some type of educational thingy on how to say David’s last right. “Day-HAIR-nay” is just… funny. (David gets one of the assists in case you’re wondering why I randomly brought up his name).
  • Oh here we go again…. 1-1…. Poop.
  • HunterBishop! gets robbed by Cory “Hammie Killer” Schneider. I do admit I had no idea what was going on when I heard “Bishop gets robbed by Schneider and Masse was standing right there”. It’s going to take a little while to get used to HunterBishop! playing… and I still keep forgetting about Dany. Sorry Dany D:
  • Eeeeeeeeeee! Brrrrrrrrrrrrock Trrrrrrrrrrrrotter! 2-1!!!!! Sounded very pretty too :D
  • They have legions of squeaky kids in Moosieville too? Not quite like the ones in Cleveland, but sheeesh =/
  • NEWBIE. NEWBIE. NEWBIE. 3-1! And that Day-HAIR-nay guy gets an assist on that too (Russell gets the first one).

Second period

  • Dysfunctional PP time! \o/ (yeah, I know, I know… it’s not seriously functional. It’s just lacking the actual “puck in net” bit)…
  • One day when we get our Hammies back from the Evil Habs, we will have a functional PP. One day….
  • Too bad you can’t be awarded points if you put the puck on TOP of the net… ’cause the Hammies just did that.
  • “Dusty Collins will not be on the Bulldogs Christmas card list”. Nope.
  • Boooo Belle.. was it really necessary to take a four minute penalty? Even if it was whilst smacking Collins (who was the one who hurt Anderson).
  • Oh looky… the Moosies want to give the Hammies a break. Moosie’s Maxwell is going to the box \o/
  • WHOOOOOOOOOOOO WEBER!!!!!!!!!!! 4-1.
  • No, please don’t tell us about their 0-18 streak on the PP….. Go back to talking about how all these goals were so nice and awesome :D
  • Hahaha… Teddy got the assist on the goal :D
  • It’s official: Henry doesn’t like Collins.

Third period

  • Eh? You’re not Cory “Hammie Killer” Schneider…. you’re…. Daren Mach… Machesney… Okay….
  • Oh add Collins to the list of “people who turtle when Henry goes to fight them”. Sheesh.
  • I approve of HunterBishop! so far =)
  • Is that Ketchup going to the box? It is! It is! Ketchup going to the box! Why am I dying laughing saying that? It’s not that funny…. =/
  • Hey Hammies… It doesn’t count as a PP goal if you put the puck on top of the net. I’m sorry D: D:
  • The Moosies really, really, really want us to get a PP goal tonight. Desbiens going to the box now.
  • Whoa… they seriously want to help the Hammies out here. In a roundabout sort of way. Someone tries to strangle PK and now they’re off to the box too.
  • F-I-N-A-L-L-Y. DANY SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORES. 6-1. THANK YOU DANY. THANK YOU MOOSIES. (I’ll make a real effort not to forget about you, okay Dany?)
  • More Moosies heading to the penalty box. I love this :D
  • Can we have a goal though? Please? I’m a greedy person, I know… but yeah….. It can’t hurt to ask, right?
  • Okay, what the hell Moose? What. The. Hell. There is no freaking way you can just go around cheap hitting my team because YOU sucked. GO AWAY (and yes, I did have other words written there, but yeah….
  • Hopefully everyone is okay…. Don’t want to see my Hammies get hurt because the Moosies sucked and took it out on them…

Also… thanks Peoria for beating the Wolves =)

ALSO… no fair… you can’t have Ajay Baines as the colour commentator on Friday… that’s a 10:30 start time……! :(

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2 Responses to Hammies vs Moosies (again, yes): SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  1. Number31 says:

    Con-BOY~! CON-boy~! We got a great big Con-boy~! He’s gonna steal Lapierre’s job~! (If Pyatt don’t take it first~!) ConBOY~! CONboy~!

  2. Thought you’d like that :D

    YAY CONBOY!!! \o/ \o/ \o/

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