Regarding last night……

Before the Habs/Sens game I said that if the Habs snoozed this one away, I would kick a baby goalie. This caused an instant uproar and I was told that kicking a baby goalie was well, goalie abuse. One thing lead to another which lead to another which lead me to the Edinburgh Capitals website. Why? Well, I was told that they had a backup goalie “who looks like he’s ten and he has a mop of blond hair”. Yeah. Apparently this was some attempt to get me to retract my statement about kicking baby goalies. It kind of worked. I mean…… look at him. He does look like he’s ten. Closer inspection of his profile indicated that he’s actually older than the BabyBenchWarmer, but whatever…. You can’t kick a baby goalie that looks that… He might cry. Or something. ANYWAY. I did retract my statement about kicking a baby goalie if the Habs were to snooze this game away, but I’ll be honest: I wanted to kick a baby goalie after last night’s game.


You’d think that they had clinched first in the whole freaking conference and could just afford to go off and snooze. It was so full of epic fail it wasn’t even funny. Oh and… who replaced the fans at the Bell Centre with the fans from the ACC? You could hear a pin drop in there.

Actually, I wouldn’t know whole lot about the sound or lack thereof in the Bell Centre because I was listening to the Juniors beating the not-sexy Olympiques. Juniors now lead 2-1 in the series. WHOOO :D You should have heard the Olympiques play by play guys too…. they were not happy people – which made me a very happy person. Yeah, okay, so maybe I take a bit of pleasure of listening to the opposing team’s play by play guys when my guys win. Sue me. Also, the Team990 wasn’t working on my computer and I don’t know where I stashed my radio so I couldn’t listen to them calling Joshua Domingues “Domingos”. Which was okay because the Gatineau guys kept calling Gouchie “Go-chee”. Uhuh.




Hammies are in Moosieville which means they’re playing LATE(R)…. which means the insanity that should ensue from that game will be posted LATE(R) tonight. Someone be sure to tell the Hammies that Cory “Hammie Killer” Schneider is back to playing like Cory “Hammie Killer” Schneider and not like the faily goalie that he was masquerading as earlier in the year.

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3 Responses to Regarding last night……

  1. Shan says:

    Definitely enjoyed the Smackity. And the commentator: “In a city that has traditionally liked fighting goalies, Jimmy Howard has joined the list.” I kinda like seeing Detroit win, it’d be crazy if they missed the playoffs, I think it’s because I like Datsyuk a lot.

    I think the Habs’ biological clocks are off, since they seemed to be napping during the game again.

  2. Jimmy the Fighting Goalie. I like the sound of that a lot for some reason. At least I like it if he’s going to “fight” teams that aren’t mine ;)

    Yeah, I’m thinking maybe the time change has messed with their brains a lot or something…. poop.

  3. dave says:

    That warmed my heart. Jimmy Howard is a-ok with me!

    The voodoo doll did the trick last night – Bobbi stuck a needle in it and he immediately coughed up the puck to The Other Alex who took it all the way down ice and scored a short handed goal to tie the game. (Only our 4th shortie of the year – you can’t tell me the doll didn’t have something to do with it!)

    After the game Crysob said the Caps were … okay. “They’re one of a bunch probably. I don’t think there’s a clear cut number one.”

    Actually, I hate to say it, but I agree with him. We’re having a great year but until we win the Cup…

    Course, we’re 3-0-0 against the Pens this year. THAT feels good!!

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