Hammies vs Moosies: technically this is a losing streak

Pre-game stuff

  • Well, I missed most of it because I was listening to the Volts….. but you know I can’t skip Coach talking about whatever it is that Coach is going to talk about….Even if it means that I’ll be missing Coach SweaterVest’s team… (Okay really, I just wrote that last sentence because I wanted to use “Coach” and “Coach SweaterVest” in more or less the same sentence).
  • Awww, Coach is happy that the Hammies clinched the division \o/
  • Coach doesn’t care if the Wolves pass the Hammies in the standings /o\
  • It’s official: The Hammies don’t respond to to you throwing standings and records a them. Instead, we’re going to use the whole “if the playoffs were tomorrow, we’d be playing the Moosies” as motivation. MOOSIE SMASHING.
  • Coach says no more OT/SO….!
  • And Coach says other stuff but I can’t write it here because the rude Moosies decided to to start the game like, RIGHT NOW which means that we have to cut the interviewy thingy off… stupid Moosies….

First period

  • Okay, Sanford, it’s time to smack around your old team.
  • 5 mins in and we’ve only had 1 shot on goal….
  • 2 shots now. Schneider just came up with a good save. No, I’m not going to say every time someone gets a shot on goal, but so far there isn’t a lot of other stuff to say.
  • UGH. There’s a Maxwell playing for the Moosies? My brain can not take the confusion that will ensue from this. Even if our Maxwell is still sitting around the pressboxes in Habsland.
  • “Stopped by Schneider” has to be the most annoying phrase ever. Way more annoying than “arret Lemay”. But that’s annoying too.
  • Is that a Moosie going to the box? It is! It is! Can we have a functional PP tonight?
  • ………. Nope………….
  • Shoo Schneider. Shoo. (although I do appreciate that little flurry of shots, Hammies).
  • Aghhhhhhhhh Sanford, please thank your posts for saving you and the Hammies!! o.<
  • Is that hava negila they’re playing in Moosieville? Hahahahaha.
  • Apparently Wyman would like to listen to it too. From the penalty box. PK time.
  • And White puts it off the post. Posts are 1-1 tonight.
  • And that is the end of the first period.

Second period

  • Umm Moosies? You can’t just whack/trip/whatever David…. PP again! (yeah, so maybe I forgot to mention a few penalties here)….
  • What? Penalty? FOR WHAT? :|
  • ARGH. Stupid Moosies. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. 1-1. And that goal horn sounds like a train…
  • Okay, so someone has American Idol on TV… And I’m trying to figure out why these people are still on this show if they can’t sing…. and while I’m trying to figure this out THE HAMMIES SCORE AGAIN JUST 30SOMETHING SECONDS LATER. HAHAHAHAHA. GLUUUUUUU. THANK YOU. 2-1.
  • “Guy Boucher wants a shooting mentality (from his team) and he’s not getting it”….. SHOOT. THE. PUCK. HAMMIES.
  • ………………………………………………2-2…………………………………………………….
  • Go away Moosies. GO AWAY. GO AWAY.

Second period intermission with Newbie#2

  • Newbie#2 is all like “this system looks like it will take some time to get used to but I think I will get used to it”.
  • Whoa…. there’s a 50 game difference between what they play in the NCAA versus what they play in the AHL. Yikes.
  • Newbie#2 went to Jackets games.
  • Newbie#2 says the Hammies are all BFFs :D Well, that’s not exactly what he said… but yeah…. more or less…
  • Flandersdude: the coaching staff here have a reputation of being really intense. Did you think they were kind of crazy? Newbie#2: uh yes :D
  • Welcome to Hammietown Newbie#2! You need a new nickname… I will think of one!

Third period

  • These posts are FAT. Conboy just hit the post :| nice effort though.
  • I wonder if the Hammies got a lecture about shooting the puck… they seem to be shooting it more \o/
  • Of course three botched up clearing chances lead to a Moosie goal…. /o\  3-2
  • That Moosie net keeps coming off when the Hammies start putting the pressure on……. hmmmm……..
  • Hey, linesguy…. knocking over Weber and letting the Moosies get a 3 on 1 isn’t cool…..
  • Seriously? You sent  a Hammie to the box….?
  • Revenge tomorrow!
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7 Responses to Hammies vs Moosies: technically this is a losing streak

  1. Number31 says:

    Hunter Bishop doesn’t need a nickname. Hunter Bishop is a nickname upon itself!

    What a glorious name.

  2. That is true! Can we squish up the two names and make it one word? HunterBishop :D

  3. Shan says:

    Reminds me of Bishop from X-Men.

  4. I feel embarrassed to say this, but….. who? I never paid attention to all that X-Men stuff :(

  5. Shan says:

    Hmm… then we have much to discuss. I mean, seriously, without X-Men, you’re deprived a truly wonderful thing.

  6. Shan says:

    The first two movies were pretty good, but they’re movies, so not as substantial as the comics or the cartoon.

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