The story of Coach SweaterVest and his missing sweater vest


Yes, that is Mario Duhamel. When Coach (my new nickname for Guy) left to lecture and threaten to bagskate the Hammies, the Volts replaced him with Mario. While some people had doubts about him (I mean, he did coach the team that got kicked out of the playoffs by the Juniors last year), Mario and the Volts have proved to be full of win this season…

So… anyway! Yes… the story of Coach SweaterVest and his missing sweater vest coming up right after the jump breaky thingy.

One day Coach SweaterVest was standing behind the bench getting ready to do whatever it is that a coach does before a game starts. Suddenly he realized that something was wrong.

"Oh. Em. Gee. I don't have my sweater vest! Breathe, Mario. Breathe."

Horror of horrors! He didn’t have his sweater vest! This was HUGE problem. Like, beyond huge. He had to find it! See, it’s cold in old arenas like Centre Marcel Dionne and without his sweater vest, he would be forced to grab an extra jacket… like this one:

Mario doesn't quite dig the jacket. It's nice and all, but sweater vests are more awesome, you know?

Something HAD to be done before the coach froze to death….! The sweater vest had to be found!

"Yes, ref-dude, I know you want to start the game like, right now, but I can't do anything until I have my sweater vest!!!"

Coach SweaterVest ran around the building asking anyone and everyone if they had seen his sweatervest….

"Okay, kids, here's a description of the sweater vest. You find it and I'll get the whole team to sign your shirts or something, okay?"

Thankfully, the kids in the faily shirts found it. Apparently Sean thought it belonged to his grandfather and he had put it in his bag to be sent back home. Coach SweaterVest put his sweater vest of doom on and hurried back to the bench…

"I do NOT look old in a sweater vest. Cool people wear sweater vests. You laugh at it and you're getting benched for the next game, got it? Good."

All images come from here. Special thanks to czechtacular who actually found the pictures and got me to call Guy “Coach” and alerted me to Mario and his sweater vests of awesomeness in the first place :D

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5 Responses to The story of Coach SweaterVest and his missing sweater vest

  1. Shan says:

    So my question is, does the SweaterVest endow him with magical powers too or is it only for keeping him warm?

    And from the second picture, it appears his assistant coach is Alec Baldwin. That’s so cool.

  2. It does both! :D

    LOL, it’s true… Danny Brooks does kinda look like Alec Baldwin there. Hahahaha, I didn’t really notice until you mentioned it.

  3. It does BOTH! :D :D :D

    And now that you mention it, Danny Brooks does look kinda like Alec Baldwin…. Never noticed that before =p

  4. Yeah, I officially went off the deep end there…….. :D

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