CHL Playoffs Day 3: Death glares all around

FIRST OFF… . RDS has this on their website:

I’m still trying to figure out what the picture of Gabriel glaring is doing there. I mean…. a much better picture would be of Adrien Lemay getting lit up, no? The whole point of having a picture is so that you can convey something about the game in one lone little picture. There has to be something out there.  The Volts did score five times. Unless they meant to convey that Gabriel is going to beat the MAINEiacs simply by glaring at them! In fact, that must be it! He is going to glare at them all and they will simply fall over. Or something. Whatever. Death glare for the win! I’m still not sure that he can out-glare  Grumpy (Berube) though…….

But before we all get carried away…….


SMISHY! (from here

Uh no, wait.. not that… THIS:

See that? That is called an UPSET aka “Saint John is out to ruin my playoff predictions and yet didn’t I mention that if they snoozed their way into the playoffs they might have a bit of trouble early on” (wait, you’re telling me I didn’t mention that? Damnit! Now it just looks like I’m saying all this crap with the benefit of hindsight. Damnit).  ANYWAY.  I want everyone to look at that and think “yeah… okay, we wont’ go to sleep during the remaining games against Lewiston. We will be nice and awake and we’ll strike them down with Gabriel’s death glare (which may not be as awesome as Grumpy’s).” Got it? GOOD.

(actually, it looks like Mr. SweaterVest kinda agrees with me. Nice to know we can act like the world is collapsing when the volts only win 5-1)

Let’s move on Grumpy’s team now…..

I wonder how much Grumpy was glaring during the game in which the Juniors lost 4-2 to the Olympiques?  or maybe it was just that Clermont was trying to out-glare Grumpy and it magically worked?? OR maybe Clermont thought that not looking at Grumpy would save his hopes of winning:


Not. Looking. At. Berube. And. His. Deathglare. Of. Doom.

You know that whole thingy with Medusa? W here if you look at her you’ll turn to stone? It’s the same idea with Grumpy. If you look at him while he’s glaring you’ll turn to stone. Or something like that. Only nobody was looking at Bearoobee so that’s why the Olympiques won. Yup!

(don’t  you just love how I can turn the Q playoffs into something totally unbelievably random?)

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