My teams vs Toronto: it’s a good thing I don’t have Roy’s temper

Like, it’s so amazingly wonderful that I don’t have Roy’s temper. Because seriously, I might be exploding right now if I did. As it is, I’m kinda sitting here going “ZzZzZzZzZz”…. granted, I’m super tired anyway so I’m going “ZzZzZzZzZz” anyway, but yeah……..

I only saw some of the Hammies game but it wasn’t exactly spectacular hockey. Mind you, it’s never spectacular hockey when they play the Marlies because the Marlies suck you into to their little vortex of epic fail… but that’s not the point! The point is not to get sucked into the aforementioned vortex of epic fail because that makes you equally faily as the Marlies and when you’re as faily as the Marlies, you don’t win! And that’s bad!

As for those Habs…..It went like this: Leaf scored.  Gio scored. Kessel the Jerk scored. Gio scored. Shootout was faily. The End. Oh and I guess you could insert random bits about skating around in circles, but really, it was more unspectucular hockey. HEY maybe it’s the CITY of Toronto that has a vortex of hockey fail about it?! Ahhhhhhh! Now we’re getting to the truth! Toronto = Vortex of Hockey Fail. Beware or else you’ll get sucked into it too!

It’s okay, Toronto…. You still have the Blue Jays!

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10 Responses to My teams vs Toronto: it’s a good thing I don’t have Roy’s temper

  1. Shan says:

    :( I have to live in To-wrong-to. When the failiest team beats the Habs/Hammies, it’s pretty embarrassing.

    Thanks to you I say “faily” now.

  2. You LIVE there?! Well, aside from the hockey fail, it’s actually not a bad place. I like visiting! Poor you thought… hey, the St. Michaels aren’t that faily. Actually, I really wish they were a little more faily because then my Petes could win! XD

    Hahaha! Everyone is starting to say “Faily” now! YAY!

    Also… how come the link in your profileythingy links to a scrabble thingy? :D

  3. Number31 says:

    Typical. CBC is showing ONE game from the AHL and its THE MARLIES. Granted the Bulldogs are on the road and aren’t playing today but SUUUUURE show the team that’s 2nd to last in both Division and Conference over the team that’s #1 and clinched the division title. That’s 101 points, CBC! Not the faily 67 (LOL how ironic) points the Marlies have. Gotta show that crappy Ontario team over the other Ontario team that’s actually awesome eh? What jerks.

    Maybe the punchy BabyFlames will punch the Marlies on national television.

  4. Seriously. That is so full of epic fail, it’s not even funny =/

    And it’s not like Abbostford is even that amazing either. They’re going to be broadcasting a game that’s going to be full of epic fail… The only way to semi-Un-Fail it would be to have the Heat beat the stuffing out of the Marlies…But even then… people are just going to think that the AHL is filled with crappy teams who just fight all day….=/

  5. Shan says:

    Well, to be specific, I live in the Greater To-wrong-to Area, in Mississauga. You’re right, it is nice, aside from sports fail and annoying Leaf media.

    Other than hockey, Scrabble is my hobby. I direct the club and manage the website… hence the link.

    CBC always pulls that BS. They show more Habs games now than they used to because people complained a lot in the last few years about their ridiculous Toronto-centric bias.

  6. Missisa…can never spell the name of that place. It’s like Mississippi but harder because of the last part :D You guys have the St. Michael’s Somethingrathers!Why don’t you follow them?! EH?! WHY NOT? Actually, don’t follow them. Because then we couldn’t talk because of the playoffs and all…. xP

    And niiiice! (re: scrabble!). I always sucked at that game though =(


  7. Shan says:

    That’s what I was saying on some previous post of yours! That I was planning on checking out the Majors. On the other hand, it’s only a 45 minute drive to Hammie-town.

  8. Well, if you’re only 45 mins from Hammie-town, you really have no excuse not to go and see them. They’ll be back home on April 1st to play the…. freaking Marlies.

    You could always follow BOTH teams you know xD

  9. Shan says:

    One step at a time, woman! We can’t all become superfans like you overnight! :P

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