CHL playoffs are here!

First off.... WOW. Roy was not a happy coach after his team nearly imploded against the Titan last night. I think we found the Q version of Torts (well, we just need to wait for footage of him tossing waterbottles and then we’ can officially name him the Q’s version of Torts).

SECONDLY…….. I need spew out my predictions.  I was going to do this before, but I forgot… I had half it written and then something super important – well, it was important at the time, I can’t remember what it is now – came along and I didn’t post this… of course it looks kinda of silly to be posting this after the first games have been completed but whatever…. we’re not gambling here so it’s okay! :D

Voltigeurs vs MAINEiacs. Volts go through in… oh heck, I was about to say “sets” (yeah, I was watching Andy Murray lose to Robin Soderling earlier). ANWYAY. Volts in four. The Volts have been smacking the MAINEiacs all season long and I don’t see that changing.

Juniors vs Olympiques. This is tough because the two teams have been pretty even all season long… Juniors in 7.

Petes vs St. Michaels. I think the Petes are better than their record shows. At one point they were missing at least three core guys and their numbers took a big hit. I don’t think they’re going to get past the St. Michaels, but I think they’re capable of putting up a good fight. St. Michaels in 5.

Blehs 67s vs IceDogs. The IceDogs thank the Sudbury Wolves for volunteering to be the victims of the Barrie Colts in the first round. The 67s won’t be easy and I don’t think the IceDogs will get through this series, but if Mark Visentin can get some help, the IceDogs could be capable of making life difficult for the 67s (which all we can ask for really :D).


SO that was my lame prediction stuff… here’s how the games went tonight:

Volts/MAINEiacs: Volts won 7-2. I think the MAINEiacs should be thanking Adrien Lemay that the score wasn’t 20-2 because the Volts had 51 SOG o.O Do I really need to say who scored? Captain Vachon had 2 (!), Sean had 1, the Baby Habs each had a goal and combined for three assists… Jake’s save percentage probably looks pukey as he stopped 15 of 17 shots directed his way.

Juniors/Olympiques: Eli scored in OT and the Juniors won 3-2. Told you it’d be close =p

Petes/St. Michaels. The scoreboard seems to indicate a team that played admirably against the St. Michaels. They were tied at 1 going into the third and the Petes took a 2-1 lead before the St. Michaels came back and tied it on… what looks to my tired brain like a short handed penalty shot…or something shorthanded…. or whatever… I”m tired and deciphering all this abbreviations isn’t fun. Anyway, the Petes pulled Misshy and the St. Michaels scored on the empty net. 4-2 was the final score.

Blehs/IceDogs. Blehs won 4-3 but it looks like Visentin apparently did get help! I remember checking the score and it was 1-0 for the 67s and then I came back and it was 2-2. Niagara made it 3-2 on Agozzino’s second of the night before the 67s made a comeback of sorts. Toffoli who I remember watching skating around in circles at the 67s/Fronts game tied it and then woudld get the game winner in the third period. Still pleased with this effort from the IceDogs though! They weren’t run over by any means.

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