Hammies vs Monsters: whaddya mean we had a 3 game losing streak vs the Monsters?

First period

  • PK…… not Subban… I mean…. PK… :|
  • What is that weird sobbing sound? o.O Don’t tell me they actually played someone sobbing……? o.O
  • is that another PP coming up?! IS IT? DO WE GET TO HAVE ANOTHER PP GOAL?
  • YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES WE DO! PK!!! 2-0! Well, there went Yannick’s record for most goals for a defenseman :D
  • And cue the screaming kids in Cleveland. Screaming Kids in Cleveland. Sounds like  a lame horror flick. Or at least it sounds like my worst nightmare. Oy.
  • Okay, that was a nice first period. I like it when the Hammies decide to score first for once!

Second period

  • Did Guy give them a lecture on staying out of the box? ’cause I think they missed that lecture here… White still in the box from before and now Belle is going to the box….
  • ARGHHH how many screaming kids can they have in this building?! 2-1.
  • This kids… I swear…. my ears….. they can’t deal…..
  • And apparently Conboy’s ears hurt too because he just scored to shut the kids up. 3-1!!!!
  • Hark! The PA guy got Newbie’s name right (Newbie passed the puck to Conboy who scored and made the kids stop screaming). Not sure whether to cry of happiness or sadness…. I’m still waiting for Carle to come back so they can call him “Matoo Carlay” again….
  • Okay, so I tuned out the Hammies for a second while trying to figure out what’s going on in the CHL playoffs and all of I sudden I hear “AND THEY SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE” randomly. Upon immediately tuning back in, I discover that GLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU has just scored! He was attempting to center the puck but it bounced off an defenseman. Hahaha. YAY Gluuuu! 4-1!
  • OMG NOT STOA! 4-2. Also… that was overkill on the goal horn… you didn’t score the game winner in game 7 over the Calder Cup finals…. also… you’re playing the Ole song? ALSO: you know the bad thing about the Monsters scoring??? THOSE KIDS ARE SCREAMING AGAIN.
  • Why so many scoring changes, Cleveland? WHY? WHY? WHY? D:
  • Okay, who just slew footed Ryan Russel?! KICK HIM. KICK HIM. KICK HIM.
  • …………………….. hey, we can’t have a power play if PK is going to the box and we’re getting a PK…..

Third period

  • 7 mins gone and nothing overly eventful has happened other than they’ve made another scoring change….
  • Wait. Sanford got a penalty for interference? Huh?
  • Hey, Newbie…. you missing scoring on that virtual open net thing has now resulted in me rolling around on the floor in fits. Well, not really. But, you know what I mean, right? No? Okay, let me explain: a one goal lead like this isn’t fun for us Hammies fans. Maybe it’s fun for all those screaming kidlets, but we Hammies fans who are currently tuned into the game aren’t screaming kidlets. The point is, a two goal lead would be so much nicer…
  • See? they’re trying! But Weiman is just being annoying tonight though…. go to sleep Weiman! Or shoo! Or something!
  • Hey, did you  notice that we’ve have a third period without anything typed in caps (not Caps) yet? did you notice? Huh? Did you??? You’re so smart!
  • Empty net! Empty net! What do we do with empty nets, Hammies?
  • Thank you Rrrrrrrrrrryaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Rrrrrrrrrruuuuussssseeeeellllll! 5-3! Ryan knows what to do with an empty net XD
  • Rejoice Hammies-nation because your teams magic number to clinch the top spot in the division is 5 3 1!! No, really… it’s 1 now… You see it was 5 but then the Amerks lost, so that made it 3 and then the Hammies beat the Monsters and that made it 1!
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2 Responses to Hammies vs Monsters: whaddya mean we had a 3 game losing streak vs the Monsters?

  1. DogsPA says:

    It’s not quite “Deh-shay-ness” bad, but “Deh-HAR-nay” is becoming a nasty habit in the States. Shame…this guy has a killer voice.

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