Hmm yeah… so glad they’re not playing the Huskies in the first round


Berube is a cranky goalie right now.  I might be a little cranky if I was playing in that game too. Losing 5-1 in your last game of the season kinda stinks. I think the game was destined for fail though. The weather SUCKED and everyone was in a crap mood about it , the lights were failing at one point, we had national anthem fail , very touchy security people, idiot Huskies fans, idiot kids behind me and a freaking herd of camera people who kept obstructing everyone’s view of the game…. Really… All the fail really had no choice but to rub off on the Juniors. Sad. And not a trend I want to see going on in the future.

Aside from the epic fail going on around me, I did have a great time. I got to go see the game with an awesome friend and I got to meet up with another awesome peep from twitter (who is also a Volts fan! WIN).

So yeah…… There isn’t really a whole lot to say about the game so we’ll just skip to what the Volts did….

Volts didn’t fail. In fact they were full of epic win. I know what you do in the regular season doesn’t have a whole lot of bearing on what goes on in the playoffs but… really…16 game winning streaks are a nice way to go into the playoffs, yeah? Yeah.

And let it be known that this is what happens when you combine a not-puking Jake + Lewiston:

Yes, that’s a hat trick for Philippe, 51 goals for Gabriel and Sean is league leader in points (well, he’s tied with Deschamps but he has more goals). Yay!

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6 Responses to Hmm yeah… so glad they’re not playing the Huskies in the first round

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Great picture! Sorry that was a bad game though.

    I can’t believe it’s already the playoffs in the Q, and very soon in the NHL too… o_O

    • Thanks! Apparently yesterday was “we’re going to get cranky about cameras” day so it really was the only one I got before I had to change to the faily backup camera….

      And yeah, the Juniors were SO due a crap game when I was there, so I wasn’t really surprised. Saddened a bit, but not surprised at all. Oh well…. I’m going to miss all their failyness when I leave next year D:

  2. Shan says:

    Leaving?? Where are you going?

  3. Leaving town for (more) school D:

  4. Shan says:

    :/ Just don’t go east! If you end up in Dalhousie following some minor Halifaxian team, you’ll never be the same and you’ll develop a funny accent!!

  5. HAHAH :D I won’t be heading out there, dont’ worry!

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