Byebye CHL season D:

So.. the CHL season is technically over…. That means it’s time for some sappy posts!

….. after the jumpbreak thingy…..

Way back in August I was nearly decked by a puck as it came flying over the glass…..


I survived attempted death by puck!

..and thus EP’s CHL season was born!

There were some great moments….


Smiles all around!

There were some really crappy moments….


This little goalie in the intermission had more saves than the starting goalie.....

Remind me why I even follow this fail-team to begin with?

There were moments that made us go GRRRRRRRRR:


Bearoobee is trying to stop the opposition with his death glare

Moments that made us laugh:


Andrew (right) suddenly realizes how funny he's going to look in this picture next to Sean (who is just casually looking the other way)

Yesterday’s top searches were “Jake Allen puke”, “Jake Allen pukes on ice” and “lewiston maineiacs puke”.

My two teams actually traded with each other. Why do I find this so hilarious? SERIOUSLY?!

Moments that made us want to get knocked out with a puck just to save ourselves:

I hate their cheer. “Let’s go Siiixiiiity-Seeveeens let’s go!” (I can’t even describe properly how annoying it was) is the most annoying and catchiest cheer around. GUH.

We got a taste of some future play by play people in the form of Squeaky Kid Who Was Fed Way Too Many CupCakes at a IceDogs game:

Squeaky Kid: and the puck is in the Oshawa zone………………. now the puck is in the IceDogs zone. And and and and……….

Imagine what happened when the IceDogs scored…. !

Play by play guy who’s name I forgot: and they score!
Squeaky Kid: YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! THEY SCORE *yells in the mic*

I think I suffered some serious hearing loss.  Oh and now the kid just wished me “happy Valentine’s Day”. Um thanks. I think :D

Play by play guy: Andrew’s has the puck…
Squeaky Kid: Andrew’s has the puck and……….. uhh……….. now the puck is in the Oshawa zone…….. And someone got hit into the boards and that looked that hurt, folks. And uhhhhhh… take it away!
Play by play guy: thanks!

A surprising new love was kindled…


From a post back in October: "I came home and discovered that a certain hated QMJHL team was playing….. I’ve decided that I hate the Voltigeurs SO much that I need to follow them in my spare time (read: blame it all on Dumont and Lefebvre."

New enemies would arise….



There were some awesome roadtrips…


Jake watches as his teammates battle back from a 2-0 deficit and ultimately smack the Tigres 5-3!

And more awesome roadtrips…

Misshy and the Petes came to Ottawa. And they totally conquered the nation's capital.

Misshy and the Petes conquered the nation's capital!

There were strange roadtrips…


Why am I in Kingston to see the 67s/Fronts game again?

With the season over, we just want to see a lot more of this during the post-season:


Hugpiles of WIIIIIIIN!

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2 Responses to Byebye CHL season D:

  1. Grrrreg says:

    I didn’t comment on that earlier but I intended to! That’s a nice season recap. Hopefully you’ll have more great moments to remember after the playoffs!

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