Of course they win when I’m away from the comp…

Silly Hammies :|

It wasn’t a pretty win, but we’ll pretend it was a bit of redemption for two nights ago (AHEM). Real redemption would be winning the next seven road games… Just saying….


Yay for PK (why shooting the puck at the goalie works, David (of course nobody notices the short guy standing beside the net waiting to bury the rebound) and Dany (FIRST GOAL IN THE AHL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for scoring in regulation. Big fat BOOOO to Rissmiller (Oh Henry… that was just such an inconvenient time to cough up the puck right in front of Sanford), Ritola (hey, guys, you realize that was virtually a short handed goal?) and Abdelkader (hey, guys, that was a freaking short handed goal with 30 seconds left in the game!) for also scoring.

Nice shootout though :D Particularly Maxwell’s goal…Now we just need Trotter to get back to scoring during regulation time, yeah? Yeah. Oh and I guess Newbie’s lack of shootgoals with the Hammies got him kicked out of the shootout last night? Or something?

Speaking of winning…

Petes absolutely creamed the Oshawa Generals 10-3. They were down 2-1 after the first period and came back with 7 goals in the second. I approve of second period smackdowns.

I also approve of the IceDogs smashing of the Belleville Bulls by a lovely score of 8-1 =)


Juniors, Volts and IceDogs are in action today to finish up their season. I’ll be watching the Juniors hopefully not lose to the Huskies….

Expect some sappy post about the CHL season in the near future.

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