This totally made my day

One of my favorite things about WP is that it comes with a gazillion stats. In with all the stats, you can also see terms that people searched for on google or whatever, to find your blog. Usually it’s pretty mundane stuff, but sometimes it’s really funny. For example… Yesterday’s top searches were “Jake Allen puke”, “Jake Allen pukes on ice” and “lewiston maineiacs puke”.

Yeah… I admit that I laughed really, really, really hard at that :|

Poor Jake! I hope he feels better now… but yeah….the ensuing google searches were kinda amusing…

For the records…. a pile more Volts got sick too so it’s going to be a very depleted team that takes on Val-d’Or tonight… (please, despite it being hilariously entertaining before, I don’t want to wake up tomorrow to see five million searches for “Voltigeurs puke”, okay?).

ANYWAY… in other news…

All my CHL teams have qualified for the playoffs! =) Petes and IceDogs are now officially going to get murdered in the first round into the playoffs along with Q teams who clinched spots ages ago. YAY! ALSO… Hammies can officially clinch a spot as well if they win or lose in OT/SO tonight (although really… losing is not an option, guys).

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