Day Two Without Internet: at least I didn’t miss the puking goalie incident

News you don’t need to hear:

After being kicked out of the library, I went home to try to get my phone to cooperate and tell me the score of the Hammies game. Well, three hours later…. I finally found out that they won. I may or may not have run around like an idiot a bit when I saw that they tied the franchise record (it was a long day and I needed to celebrate something, okay?).

Well, the bright side to having no internet at home is that I made some super elaborate dinner that took 3 hours to make instead of checking up what the Hammies were doing (and yes, they did do something. Scroll down).

Anyway…. if I ever rule the world, it will be illegal for libraries to close at 9:00. Just letting you all know that now….. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, LIBRARIES.

First bit of stuff….

STEWIE GOT REASSIGNED TO THE WOLVES. BOOOOO………… And Vernace got reassigned to Hammie-town….. Poop.

Roster Clear Day is err was today. Not looking forward to hearing who gets cut… D:


  • Landry!! 1-0!
  • Nooooooo… Volts feed don’t die on me! Noooooooo! Come back!!!
  • Darn. Stuck with the Lewiston guys now….. this makes me so sad.
  • Oh and apparently it’s now 2-0. Palat. HAH!
  • At least Jake Allen is easy to say. I should be thankful that Bearoobee isn’t playing.
  • Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Jake just puked all over the ice. EWWWWWWWWWW! this sounds so much more gross than the time that there was blood all over Copps Coliseum… Ewwwwwwwww…….Ew……….Ewwwwwwww…….. Grooooooooosssssssssssss……..
  • Why was Jake even playing? D:
  • Maybe this is Piche’s attempt to get some ice time :D apparently his roommate is sick as well…. It’s a plot!
  • Um Gabriel? You can’t fight nobody…. He wanted to to fight someone, dropped the gloves and everything, but nobody wanted to fight him. Fail.
  • Oh it’s 3-0 now. Bwahahahahahaha. Comtois with the goal.
  • ……………………. 3-1……
  • EPIC FAIL 3-2. See what happens when Piche plays? Everyone collectively fails. I feel bad for Piche, but yeah… Can we put Jake The Puking Goalie back in? PLEASE?
  • Well, Piche has 18orwhateveritis mins to get his brain into “game mode” and the rest of them better wake up too.

Second period

  • Way to let the MAINEiacs back in the game….. 3-3.
  • Lewiston guys seem to think that the MAINEiacs might have a chance against the Volts in the playoffs (IF they get into the playoffs). Riiight…
  • CHRIS! 4-3! See? Chris thinks otherwise too! :D
  • I do have to give these MAINEiacs guys some credit though. They’re creative. “the puck is hurled down the ice”.
  • Boooooo MAINEiacs score. Wait. No, they don’t. It was waived off.
  • Okay, I totally went “Whooooo!” in the library at that goal. 5-3! DESNOYES.
  • ………………… 5-4…………………. If the Volts play like this on Sunday and/or in the playoffs…. I will kick a baby goalie.


  • These guys are waaaaaaaay too happy about the score right now. If Pukey was still in nets then the score wouldn’t be 5-5. Mario needs to pull a Guy here and read the team the riot act. RIOTS FOR THE WIN.
  • this period isn’t going to start before my library closes, is it? :|
  • Nope.

Okay…. well…….. Meh……..

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2 Responses to Day Two Without Internet: at least I didn’t miss the puking goalie incident

  1. Shan says:

    Hope you get back online soon! The Internet needs you!

  2. Should be back soon!!! Can’t wait to listen to a WHOLE game again :D

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