Hammies vs Marlies: well.. I would have listened to the whole thing…

Pre-game stuff

  • Of course my internet decided to die on me today… So I’m at the library. Which closed at 9. UGH.  I’m also squashed  up in a tiny corner of said library…. All I have to say at this point is: BEAT THOSE MARLIES AND BEAT THEM QUICKLY. PLEASE AND THANK YOU.
  • Sign in the library: Please be quiet. What happens when EP turns on the radio: AND THEY SCOOOOOOOOOOOORE. (so much for being quiet).
  • My bad mood has instantly been lifted upon hearing the words “The Marlies will have an extremely hard time making the playoffs”.
  • Okay, mad mood just came back upon hearing the words “Patches will be gone for around two weeks”…. (oh and Neilson is injured too). At least Stewie is expected to play. You go Stewie! Also: Leafs called up a pile of Marlies. So that’s good. Okay, maybe my bad mood is lifting again.
  • Um… Kinda missed just about everything else because I was searching for a plug in this building. I swear my library was built in the dark ages… :|

First period

  • Let’s get this done quickly so I can at least have an idea who’s going to win this thing when I get kicked out of the library!
  • HEY. HEY. Why is there a 5 on 3 PP for the MARLIES?
  • ARGH. 1-0. First PP goal the Hammies have allowed in like…. a long time? Oh well…
  • And stupid Ducks and their stupid suspended farm team… we’re still stuck with JoeyMac! (he’s not playing tonight though).
  • Dear Subban, please don’t give the puck away while your team is on the PP.
  • Why are the Marlies playing well? And not taking a million penalties for being “truculent”?
  • Hammies get a penalty. Wait.. Marlies get a penalty? I missed what happened! (I got distracted by a book on a shelf next to me).
  • Hammies allow a short handed chance… and the Marlies get a penalty? o.O Wut? Wut? CAN HAS GOAL NOW?

Second period

  • …. What do they have in the penalty box tonight? Why are the Hammies in the box again? Seriously? I thought the Marlies were supposed to be one of the most penalized teams. THE MARLIES. Not the Hammies.
  • Is it just me or did I hear more of Newbie when Patches was around…? Or maybe Newbie really hasn’t been on the ice because he doesn’t do this PK thing. Either way… I want to hear more about Newbie!
  • Wow… all this time I thought Lacroix played defence. HAHAHAHA…. wow… fail…. the perils of only following your team on the radio is that you forget what positions your players play…….
  • Okay, Hammies… my library is going to kick me out soon. Please score one or two or three more goals!
  • How can you go wrong when they play Lady Gaga at Copps Coliseum? Yeah, I’m being sarcastic….
  • Looks like I was a little early on the sarcastic comment…  Hammies giving the puck away left, right and center…. Hey, wasn’t your coach JUST talking about trying to eliminate bad habits during the regular season?!
  • Can the Marlies/Leafs PLEASE trade Hamilton the player? This is really getting annoying now. “Hamilton take a shot on Sanford!”…. “Hamilton with the puck now… the player, not the team..”….
  • Okay… Library is kicking me out now. Better win Hammies!

EDIT: NINE GAMES IN A ROW. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! w00t! YAY!

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