Can we draft him? PLEASE?

Courtesy of the OHL site (although, did it occur to you guys to maybe find a picture of Mark where he isn't allowing a goal? You know, 'cause you just named him the player of the week and all?)

I had no idea that Mark Visentin was draft eligible THIS YEAR. I want him!! CAN WE PLEASE DRAFT HIM?! We need more super cool goalies (and more players who happen to play for my OHL teams!). And while we’re on the topic of drafting players….. Austin Watson. I want him too. You know what? How about we just draft all the Petes? And most of the IceDogs… and heck, why can’t we just get a couple more Volts too….(and let’s start the plotting to get Sean Couturier in a couple of years)…. But seriously…. I really think it’d be super nice and awesome if we drafted Visentin. That being said, knowing how things go, he’ll probably end up in LA. Or Nashville. Or hockey gods forbid, Toronto.

Meh. I hate this draft thing.

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