Juniors vs Wildcats: there is hockey on Mondays!

First period

  • I wish they would tell you that when they say the game starts at 7:00, they mean 7:00 ATLANTIC time…..not EASTERN time. GUH.
  • So this is the game that the Juniors had to make up with the Wildcats because the Cats all had H1N1 back in November… This stinks because the Wildcats were worse in November…. :|
  • Thank you, Wildcats play by play guys, for reminding us all just how terrible the Juniors PP is.
  • WHAT? Bearoobee isn’t in nets?! It’s the BabyBenchWarmer? Oh… poor, poor Marcoux…. Why does he get to play all the super good teams?
  • Yes, guys, we have a pile ex-Cape Breton peeps (our coach, Gouchie, Chouinard, Fontaine who I haven’t seen in ages so I guess he’s injured and Lapostelle. Cape-Breton has moved to Montreal….
  • These guys sound bored out of their minds…. ENTHUSIASM, PEOPLE. I WANT SOME ENTHUSIASM.

Second period

  • oh.. the period started? Oops.
  • Noooooooooo! The poor BabyBenchWarmer! 1-1. Was that a PP too? Buh.
  • Why are there so many Bruins fans showing up on my radio feeds??? The Lewiston guys were Bruins fans and now the Wildcats guys just admitted to being Bruins fans too….
  • Ping! Ping! The BabyBenchWarmer is a happy to hear that.
  • I’m entertained by the fact that all the East coast guys call the Juniors the Rocket by accident… I don’t know why I find this so funny. But it is funny.
  • Meh. 2-1. Hey, who wants to help TheBabyBenchWarmer out here? Hmm? I know you’re all injured and tired, but yeah… D:
  • Good hockey gods… Everyone thank Marcoux for the fact that the score isn’t 10-1.

Third period

  • Okay, Marcoux, I get it. You don’t like me calling you a BabyBenchWarmer. You are playing very well today.
  • No, really, Marcoux is the team right now…
  • Talk about getting zero help… 3-1.
  • Okay… everyone is tired at this point. Let’s just call this game quits now while Marcoux is still looking good!
  • Okay, let’s not. 4-1.
  • You know.. this is their 4th game in 5 nights. No wonder they are exhausted.
  • Have the Juniors touched the puck at all this game? Listening to these guys, you would think not…
  • Oh well. Sleep time for everyone! And lots of hugs for Marcoux!

Playoff watch

  • Nothing changes in the Q and nothing has changed for the Juniors…. BUT! Moncton is now tied with the Volts for 2nd (Volts would still hold down the 2nd spot because they  have more wins). But yeah… Rooting for a few Moncton loses before the end of the season!
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