Hammies vs Wolfpack: ugly wins are still wins!

Pre-game stuff

  • A word from the (not-so) wise: if you have your speakers turned up because you’re listening to music… then turn on the Hammies radio right when the pre-game stuff comes on….. yeah…. ummm…. don’t do it. Make sure you turn your speakers down ’cause otherwise the “and they scooooooooooooooooore” will make you go deaf.  Just saying…….
  • What is with the canine-themed weekend? Wolves… Wolfpack… Bulldogs….. Don’t tell me whoever came up with the scheduling, did this on purpose…
  • Either I’ve been listening to these pre-game things waaaaay too much or else Guy Boucher is that predictable… TOTALLY called that reaction to the “were you entertained by the game last night” question. Bagskate! Bagskate! Bagskate!
  • WOW. You think Guy likes David as much as we do? He just totally said a pile of great things about him followed by “he could marry my daughter and I’d still like him” (or something very close to that). Wow. Way to say something totally unexpected right when I just called you predictable…. Nice to hear that Guy likes David as much as I do though :D yay David!
  • Speaking of David… he’s in the warmups… WHY IS DAVID THERE?

First period

  • AND THEY SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!! Ryan White gets the goal and Newbie and Patches get the assists!!  Hey I wasn’t even finished writing up the pre-game stuff and the Hammies go off and score just 30something seconds into the game.
  • Okay…. need to go back finishing up that pre-game bit (thanks for nothing Guy!). AND THEY SCORE AGAIN?!!!!!!! Is this a mass conspiracy so that I can’t finish writing up the pre-game thing? :D
  • Oh a PP because someone wanted to smack Newbie. Don’t smack Newbie! D:
  • Oh… now a PP for the Wolfpack… I really liked last night’s no penalties for like 40 mins better…. :|
  • Noooooo Stewie down! Someone just hit him and now he’s flat on his face on the ice…..
  • Okay, how the hell do you not call a penalty on that hit?!  HE BETTER BE OKAY.
  • Not sure why other teams like to pick on Subban… it’s really kinda sad…. leave him alone :|

Second period

  • So Stewie’s head is okay.. but he’s not coming back for the rest of the game D:
  • …. no Patches either?!! Who is Newbie going to play with now?! EH?! (the answer to that is apparently David and Trotter, by the way).
  • SHEEEEEEEEEEEEESH. Teddy is giving everyone Halak-attacks with all those crazy scary rebounds. The Wolfpack got like 100 shots away.  Or at least it sounded like that….
  • More sorbet talk…. I’m trying to figure out how this came up…. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh that “seven letter word that starts with a S and ends with a T” = sherbet (the other way of spelling sorbet). Got it now. Yeah, the Hammies still technically have that seven letter word that starts with a S and ends with a T going on….
  • Hey, Hammies… this is kinda a not pretty period here. Can we maybe like, wake up a little bit? I know you’re all pooped, but it’d be nice if you kinda put an end to all these shots being directed Teddy’s way here… At least for a few seconds :D
  • ummm White just kicked the puck at Teddy….. Wrong goalie to be kicking the puck to, White!
  • And the Wolfpack put one off the fat post…
  • Saw THAT one coming a mile off… 2-1.
  • Um… 2-2. Well….. someone is going to get in big trouble now.

Third period

  • ZzZzZzZzZz……..
  • *headdesk*
  • bagskate!
  • *makes strangling motions in the air*
  • Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh………..!
  • ……….. well……… that went nowhere…………. BRING ON OT!


  • You guys had as many shots in OT as you did in the third period (4)….. at least OT was sorta fun.


  • PK is made for the shootout… seriously…
  • Okay, Newbie, I’ve been told that you’re good at this shootout thing. I’m still waiting for a shootout goal!  It’s okay though.. the Wolfpack stink at the shootout tonight so…
  • THE HAMMIES WIN. 3-2 is your final score and the Hammies didn’t blow their 2-0 lead in the shootout ;)

So ummm……who wants to ask Guy what he thought of that game, eh?  :D


In other news…

  • The V0ltigeurs stomped on the Foreurs 7-0. Val-d`Or only had 9 SOG. Piché got to snooze all night. Lucky backup goalie… The BabyBenchWarmer is jealous! D:
  • Hark! IceDogs WIN 4-2.  And they helped out the Petes by downing the Sudbury Wolves (oh great, not ANOTHER canine battle. Seriously!).
  • And even more surprising? Petes WIN 5-1 over Mississauga! Poor Misshy wasn’t in nets though.. it was the faily backup (who I guess isn’t so faily?).
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6 Responses to Hammies vs Wolfpack: ugly wins are still wins!

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Not even a word for the habs win?? Are you still following them at all? :P

    • Um….. well, by the time I found a TV, Anze had scored and then the period was over… and then I fell asleep and yeah…. I didn’t even know they won until three hours ago xP

  2. Shan says:

    Haha, I didn’t really watch it either (wanted to though).

  3. I hate late games D: Got enough of them during the Olympics. No more late games!

  4. Shan says:

    Just be happy you can see them! I don’t get RDS, so I miss many. Including tonight’s HALAK ATTACK SHOOTOUT WIN!

  5. D: D: D:


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