Juniors vs Olympics: you mean they won AGAIN? =)

Seriously? After losing what felt like five million games in a row when I went to see them, the Juniors have now won the last three games that I’ve been to. This can’t be real! They must be feeling sorry for me after losing so many times when i came to see them. That or they wanted to show the not-sexy Olympiques that they can beat them (which they didn’t do last week) ahead of the playoffs (in which they will probably play the aforementioned not-sexy Olympiques).


The game….

Despite it being a pretty good game, there isn’t a whole lot super interesting stuff to report. Juniors out-chanced the not-sexy Olympiques in the first period but got outscored 1-0. Hate those goals that look they they just floated in from nowhere and into the back of the net. But yeah….This was not looking too much like the Juniors would actually exact revenge on the Olympiques for beating them in a shootout last week (despite the Juniors out-chancing and out-shooting the Olympiques). BUT that is what second periods are for!! Parkes finally got the puck past Clermont (who is from Montreal apparently? That explains the mini Olympiques fan club). Okay so scrums in front of the net helped. We like scrums in front of the opposing goalie that result in goals. AND THEN! David Rose took a shot from point (or at least I’m assuming it was David) and either it just bounced off some people or else Clermont was screened or else Clermont was just spacing out because BINGO 2-1! Bwahahahahahahaha…. And yeah, that was it…. no more goals. The score probably should have been higher given how Bearoobeee got lucky on two shots (like, bailed out by his teammates lucky) and the Juniors missed a few REALLY good shots to score. But yeah…. D:

P.S. Can I be mad at Joel Bouchard for essentially not being around for a majority of the games and then leaving games midway through so he can get to the RDS studio on time? Because I’m getting really, really bitter about this…. Granted, it’s 1:40whatever in the morning right now  so I’m probably getting extra grumpy about this… but yeah…


The security guy who hangs around the Juniors bench because the benches aren’t really supposed to be there and there’s a big fat staircase leading down right towards the players bench, kept glaring at me. At first I thought he was ticked off I was using my STARTING camera to take pics, but then I realized that he was just glaring at everyone (until some other guy brought him a snack. Then he was all smiles. Go figure). ANYWAY… the pictures!

Chouinard is focusing REALLY hard on not getting hit in the face again

Clermont's not thinking about the second goal

The BabyBenchWarmer!

Thank you! We like playing for an actual crowd of people!

Evidently Asselin and Thorne find something interesting here... They had a big hug after the hugpile of win.

The rest of the pics are HERE.

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